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Friday, February 21, 2014

Budak Nakal Memang Gitu

Oh gosh, that's what we used to hear from our parents or the elders if we hurt ourselves when playing around. Then, it becomes my favorite phrase to be used against my nieces or nephews whenever they hurt themselves. but it doesn't mean we ignored their pain. Still, the phrase is like rubbing salt into the wound, especially when it is not due to our fault. Recently, my friend cut her knees when she fell unto the pavement. This girl is sometimes mischievous. Jokingly, I told her "budak nakal memang gitu." Actually, there is a rhyme that sound like this:

(sorry not so sure but this is what I think I heard my grandma told me)
Tungku tangkal balik pintu 
Budak nakal memang gitu. 

Anyway, to sum up the whole situation, this is what happening to another budak nakal. Yeah, it is me. More like naughty old lady. Anyway, it is not naughty but lazy or bad habit.

I always dozed off with laptop in my arms on the sofa. Sometimes, my lappy will slipped onto the floor. I will scolded myself not to do it again for the concern the fall might damage my lappy. But I keep repeating the act since I love surfing the net. Little did I know that my arm will get burned due to sleeping while holding the laptop Apparently, the left arm was placed closer to the power connector. After that, I stop sleeping with the laptop. I do not want to get burn My sister scolded me. She said didn't you read a boy got burned to death because he put the lappy on his mattress when he fell asleep.

Moral of the street, turn off the computer or laptop when you are not using. When you feel sleepy, stop using it okay. Just turn off and go to bed. You also doing good thing to earth, right...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shoppe Online

I walked into this facebook page - pretty interesting. Coz I found one of the lycra long dress with blink-blink at affordable price. But I choose less blink as I do not want to blind my loved ones...hahaha

If you love to browse and shop online, feel free to sneak into this facebook page. Not so much items yet as they just started. Click at this link Smila Preloved & Fashion.

Check out some of the items. From brand new to quality second hand goods.


Photo: Sabun dan softener dobi. sesiapa berminat sila PM.
RM 30 per pack..
This is one of their best selling items. The softener smell linger for a long time. 

Photo: Another preloved LV Bag for sale

Louis Vuitton Tahitienne. Please pm for the price
This is the original, Eventhough second hand but it is still brand new.

Buy one for your daughter. She will love it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

First wedding that I attend in 2014

Attending wedding is always my favourite thing. Though nowadays, I feel reluctant a little bit because of the distance that I have to travel, the noon hot sun that scorching your face and body, parking hassle(this will be okay if someone else driving and yesterday, my sister was the driver) and the fatigue that follow after a full stomach and journey back under the hot sun). Anyway, I always enjoy the meal, it really taste different and fun of meeting relatives or warm-up to the new addition of relatives...hehehe, what's that mean?

 People always creative in making bunga manggar. Nowadays, you can just buy it. But it was not used like last time when people will carry "bunga manggar" during the bridegroom procession. Now, it is used to show the location of the wedding feast. And do not ever forget to check the wedding couple's name as there might be more than 1 wedding feast at that time.

 This bunga manggar is unique coz they use sweets instead as decoration. At least, it is not wasted, people can still eat it. Warning!!!!! People with is a no no no. Big No. Anyway, it is always amazing the amount of money people spend on the preparation. I do not mean food but the decoration such as bunga manggar, wedding dais (pelamin), clothes, decoration on hantaran (gift), invitation card and the goodies. This alone sometimes can reach thousands of Ringgit (MYR).

 One of the bunga pahar. Artificial flowers and eggs on top of nasi kunyit or pulut kuning (tradisional food). I wonder what is the material they used to make the flower. Is it colorful socks?

This is the wedding dais. I did not have the chance to check on the bride/bridegroom's room. Normally, it will be decorated beautifully to match with the theme and color. Some even bought new bedroom furniture. A visit to their room is a must, at least for

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Aiskrim Goyang Pa' Cik

First time I saw it. I was intrigued by it. How they develop a machine like that to make an ice-cream. I even interviewed the guy who sell this ice cream (ais krim goyang). Goyang is for shaking the ice cream during the making of ice cream.

They just need ice block at the bottom of the machine. On top, they have the ice cream mould on top. No need to beat or cook. They only pour soda into the mould. Cover it, spin the things and let it be for 20 minutes. (subsequent they only need 10 minutes to freeze the soda). Took one of the icecream out and shake in a water container before handed over to us to enjoy it.

He said no need to use electricity. It is science, Man. He needs to make sure he has adequate ice blocks. From time to time, I saw him spinned the machine. He charged RM350 (did I hear it right, you can check the price again) for doing it from 11 am to 4 pm. Interested, can call him to find more details at :

Razali Yusof
or email him

Normally, he do it for functions like wedding, birthday party or whatever party. See, that's why I love attending wedding. Nowadays, you can find all sort of things, like people want to do something different, so everybody will talk good about their wedding. The intention is good but better focus on what you want to do to ensure your marriage lasts till your death. After all, Islam is about bersederhana in everything you do, not because you think I have to, 

My father is interested to buy the thing. It is cool, right especially when my niece's wedding around the corner. And we can use it for raya too. And I will have many grandchildren. It is good to have one. So we can have fun seeing the kids having fun eating icecream.. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sulking Princess No Longer My Facebook Friend

Simply can't believe it. That princess unfriend me on facebook. She said I am bias, arrogant and so on. It started because I like Ain's photo and remarked she looked pretty wearing tudung. So, what's wrong? Ain also my lovely niece and I never say Ain is beautiful than her. I just feel bad coz did not call Ain prior to her tonsil operation. And I also feel bad for not bringing her intended birthday gift coz I forgot her birthday. Aiyyo.

Below is our conversation:

tangan cili padi
ika, cik ana ada phone baru
nebeng sombong bongkak pilih kasih
mana ada, cik ana sokmo puji ika cantik
tapi cik ana balik baru ni, ika x nakpun peluk cik ana
ika unfriend dengan cikana
nanti cik ana cari video ika ada tak cik ana x upload lagi
memang dah pun
ika tau, gambar ika jadi screen saver phone cik ana tau
bukan ain
ika dah unfriend dengan cikana pun
tak pelah klu ika x nak kawan, cik ana nak tengok citer korealah
pergilah ika tak nak cakap pun dengan cikana.sombong
sedih cik ana
padang muka
mrs arrogant
cik ana bukan mrs lah, cik ana x kahwin lagi
biarlah ika tak nak kawan cikana
tapi cik ana masih anggap ika princess cik ana
cik ana dah ada ipad
x nak facetime cik ana?

Saturday 8:04pm
doh cikana ada mana
Karang nk gi umah cik sal
tapi ika tak nak cakap dengan cikana
cikana pilih kasih
ika tau cikana likes banyak gambar ain
dah sampai ke rumah ciksa
tak adalah, gambar ikapun cik ana selalu likes
ari ni ika x upload gambarkan, game aja
belum lagi, tengah alih kerusi ni

Give uplah. Whatever...It is better to focus on my work. 

Working Out

I pumped up my arms just now. Nope, certainly not at the gym but at home, ironing about 15 pairs of baju kurung while watching Miss Korea. Not to mention, the mopping and moving of furniture.

Anyway, a sneak peek at corner of my living room. Sigh..still a lot to go. Like my mother say, it will take looooong time to clear my house back to normal coz it become cancerous already....

Did you see my dumb bells? They became part of the ornaments....LOL

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Mom

Every Friday, I would take over fetching my nephew from his tuition. Yalah, I pity my sister since her house is far from the tuition place which is approximately 45 minutes to and fro. Since the place is on my way back from office, I volunteer to pick him up.

Actually, he is more like a son to me but the difference is I do not have to spend money for his education whatsoever. When he was still small kid, I used to have him stay at my place during school holiday. 

Although I like to nag and known as fierce aunty, this kid is not afraid of me. I think he is getting used to it. So, the moment he opened the door, he said he got money to buy taco but not for drink. I told him he cannot have any more sweet drinks since he's been drinking so many glasses of them from the morning. I told him that he has to learn to save money if he wanted to buy that fancy food.

But when we reached there, I top up his money to have 2 tacos and I glass of orange juice. It is not much but the point is I will always relent to him. Maybe that's the reason I do not have my own kid. But I told him not to touch soda in the fridge that night, just plain water.

The next morning, he asked me whether he should cook instant noodles. Hahaha...I was so thoughtless. I am used to stay by myself where food is not important until the hunger pang become unbearable, then I will think what I should have.

Our pulut lepa stock finished already. Luckily, keropok leko still a lot in my fridge. My cheesy goguma and cheesy meatball with mushroom. I made a lot and half cooked them, stored in the freezer. It really helps during his stay. I am so lazy to cook.

My niece said it looked like having meal in the garden. I said it more looked like having it in the jungle. Hahaha, my messy home. Can it become normal again I doubt it.

This is our lunch. A simple meal. I cooked sardine and he really enjoyed it. The rest were my leftover food whihc I reheat. And save some for the dinner. Initially, I plan to cook daging masak merah too but discarded the idea since I do not have ginger. He is dissapointed but I promised him I will cook next Saturday. And we will be having Masak Lemak Cili Padi Ikan Salai too. He is really looking forward.

And with him around, I have to prepare for tea too. Again the meatball things plus keropok leko and keropok keping. I had a complete meal sets that day.

Small Gift For My Parents

After thinking over 6 months, finally I bought them new cordless phone (but, shamelessly, I took their old cordless phone). This one comes in pair and the second one no need to be connected to TM port. It is connected thru the first one. Something went wrong with the phone wiring inside my parents bedroom, so the phone is not working.

Ain't it troublesome for them to pick up call whenever they have retired for the night?

With this new phone, at least my parents does not have to move far to answer the phone whenever they are inside their bedroom. Mmm, I feel great buying things that are useful for them. If I can, i will buy moon for them.