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Monday, October 21, 2013

Korean Drama

After two weeks, I watched Master's Sun. At least, this drama did not torture me that much. I did not shed tears and feel so miserably like I Hear Your Voice and Two Weeks. Ohh..but I Miss You is the worse. I have to spare a box of tissue everytime I watched it. Then, I have stuffy nose coz I cried so much.

Anyway, October is another busy month for me. Two dramas that are Heir and Marry Him If You Dare which my sons(hahaha...yeah the sons that I would never have) started to air. And there is this drama, Passionate Love which SNSD member acted in. You know Seo Hyun whom is gossiped with Yong Hwa. So, I have to watch too although she appears for 5 episodes only. Well, if she is really with Yong Hwa as I really like Yong Hwa. And on top of that, there is this new drama called Secret.

A nice plot but pity that woman who has rotten and self centred boyfriend and chased by guy who thought she killed her pregnant girlfriend. I really hate her boyfriend.

Passionate Love
I watched this because this is Seo Hyun's first drama. Her acting is not bad except that for her face expression. Anyway, this is weekend drama, so for sure will have many episodes. But I am getting hooked with the storyline already especially when my favorite actor plays the older Moo Yeol. I really hate guy who has mistress and just using his wife for a mean to inherit father in law's asset. And the mistress is so cunning. So, I have to find out what's the ending for the bad guy.

Oh Seo Hyun ah, why you have to kiss another guy?

I heard negative review on this but I persevered. Park Shin Hye( another so called Yong Hwa's girlfriend. Ooh,Yong Hwa, your "mom" here prefer you hit it with Seo Hyun.) and many idols star in it. Basically, the cindrellela story. A poor girl who got entangled in the rich students'life. After the fourth episode, I can't wait for the next episode. The plot is getting more interesting. Yong Hwa pulled out from this drama. And we have another "son" of mine, Kang Min Hyuk in this drama. As usual, his acting never fail to impress me. He is a natural actor. Maybe the character in this drama suits his image.

Marry Him If You Dare.
And this is my favorite coz Yong Hwa is acting in this drama. Since it is a romance comedy and we have Yoon Eun Hye as lead actress, I am looking forward to this drama. Well, she acted well in Lie To Me. Yong Hwa acting is okay except that once a while he looked ackward. But I am looking forward to the romance of four lead stars. I wonder whether the person from the future managed to change the destiny of the couple.

Isn't this drama sounds fun to watch?

"Hanging Garden of Babylon"

I have been lazy to update my blog. There always something I want to share here but somehow, I was preoccupied with other things. Maybe I am not that sad anymore or lonely, so I just ignore this blog. Pity my blog. Oh, my little princess who is getting mischievous as she growing up said with a smear "onetimeburning.blogspot" when somebody mentioned burning or what. I got to be careful now, who knows what she will read and make a remark out loud in front the crowd.

Anyway, I spent another lazy weekend. So lazy and too engrossed into Korean drama, I did not go for my physiotherapy. Oh ya, I went for my MRI scan on Friday. Doctor wants to see whether the reducing gap in my backbone (right) compress my nerves. I was under impression that unlike ctscan, at least my head will be outside the equipment. But during the Q and A session, the guy said it depends on the height. I feel so cold all the sudden. Anyway, I changed my cloth and lying on the machine. I was nervous. I asked him since doctor just want to see my back, why the whole me has to go in. So, he said depends, like him, only his body inside the equipment. "What is your height?” When he said 1.6 m, I feel so sad. Well, mine is around 1.5 m only. Try to fight my fear. Unfortunately for people who is having claustrophobia, yeah that's me, I did not make it. The moment I feel my head going into tunnel, I asked him to stop. I feel like I could not breathe.

Since the doctor could not see the problem in details, he asked me to go for physiotherapy which I skipped last Saturday. Maybe I try to make another appointment on next Saturday morning.

Although I missed that one, I managed to finish one project. My green project went so well. I bought 3 new pots. And I have 3 new additions to my plants today, all the way from Terengganu. They called it pokok Bismillah. They said if you soak the leaves in warm water and drink the water; it will help to reduce blood pressure level or sugar level. And two roses; one is red and another is like orange red. Cannot wait for the flower to bloom. Anyway, what is sad is pokok limau kasturi that I bought is dying. I was too lazy to move it to the new pot. I just put it inside the pot without taking out the plastic bag and add up the sand. Anyway, I did not give up. Consider it is under treatment in ICU. Intensive care, see whether it will survive like my pokok pandan.

Thinking of moving pandan to another corner. For today, that will be do as so tired from moving these plants from one pot to another pot.

New home for curry tree and limau purut.

Hope it will grow taller fast.

My poor limau kasturi. I put lots of fertilizer. And keep watering it. Please don't die on me.

This is how the trees; limau kasturi and limau purut looked like.

Outdoor is done, consider almost done but indoor still a big mess. But it is good as I managed to wash my clothes though. Handwash, mind you!!