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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CNBLUE is back with new mini album in Japan.

I have been lazy. Oh yeah, I have this tendency to correct someone's grammar whenever I spot one. But I did it silently. But I am not perfect. There will be times when I will receive email from my boss, correcting my grammar. Hahaha. Recently, my client asking about staff with s. I was rushing with so many things. So, I just copy her sentence with an affirmative. Right after. I received email, "there is no s for staff." Ah..I did again.

Anyway, no matter how many stories I wanna share but I can't.I am lazy; my plant wilted coz the owner has joined bunch of couch potato (can I put plural). Anyway, I have to blog as I got to promote my sons' mini album which was or will be launched in Japan.

You can see Yong Hwa groove in this mv.

I love this song. The melody is infectious. I wish the lyric is in English.

The pronounciation sounds a little bit funny but I think it is an English song. Anyway, the song is good too. Anyway, feel free to surf about their new album. I am too busy. 

By the way, I found new heartthrob. jeng!jeng!jeng!

Nam Goong Min. Check out his photo. Isn't him handsome? I fall in love while watching him on We Got Married. He has calm personality and got beautiful n expressive eyes.

photo is courtesy of dramafever

Try watch his drama, "Can you hear my heart?" and "I need romance 3. You will enjoy it.