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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Said My Prayers

Just finished talking over the phone with my parents. I feel so guilty for leaving them behind to pursue my dreams whereas I had already the secured job in my hometown. But me staying there is same as I was in KL (I quoted my mother's saying) because I was always in the office. But I really feel bad when I heard about it.

My father called me during office hours telling the bad news he got from doctor. There is a leak in his kidney which meant he has to watch out his diet or end up with dialysis. Poor dad, the foods that he enjoys now become his worst enemy but not to the point of abandon them totally but has to watch out.

So, I returned his call as not comfortable receiving long personal call during office. And it is my way to show my affection by enquiring more on his health. Actually almost every night we will talk, thanks to TM streamyx plan which offered unlimited calls to fixed line F.O.C. Then, it was my mother's turn.

Oh. It is so heart-wrenching hearing that she fell tumbling down the staircase in the kitchen. Of course, it is only two steps but must be painful for frail old lady. My father was asleep and my brother went out. Failing to get help, she decided to sleep on the kitchen floor until rescue came.

This Ramadhan, I pray Allah S.W.T blessed them with great health and keep away any harms from them. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Nothing can beat this feeling when you make it safe and sound.

I was really worried coz of the incident on our way back to hometown. Last night, both uncles let me retired early as they want me to have a good rest. And of course wide awake during our journey back.

I started as the driver. We switched place during our pit stop at Jabor Jerangau tol. Then at Maran, back to me and at Lanchang, I have to pass back to my uncle.

Poor uncle, it was jammed before Bukit Tinggi due to one car breakdown. We sort of crawling nearly1 hour. Some stupid and inconsiderate drivers cut from the left on road shoulder. Hisyy..

Then, it was smooth again and the best thing is we managed to break fast at my uncle's place in Keramat.

A Fatal Split Second

I did tell how I do not have good rest or sleep before heading back home on Saturday. I slept for a short while after Subuh, hoping to catch at least one hour deep sleep. For me, the duration does not matter as long as I sleep soundly. But the excited father of mine keeps ringing the phone, anxious to find out whether I am going on my journey already. In the end, I did not manage to sleep at all. Next time, I will turn off all ringing volume so nobody can disturb me...LOL.

At 7.00, I went to car park with all my belongings but when I reached there, I realised I left my luggage behind. Have to back to my pigeon hole to get my things. Then went to my sister's house to fetch Wawan, TTDI for my uncle and lastly, off to Keramat to pick up another uncle.

Right after 2nd toll on Karak Highway, I started to feel sleepy. The cool breeze from air-cond made it worse, I get sleepier. Then on LPT, I can't focus anymore. My car really does not stay on the lane. But I struggled on driving as I do not want to disturb my uncle. I thought we can change the driving seat once I reached Temerloh rest area. 

But it did not be that way. Suddenly I opened my eyes, like it was dark and realised that my car was heading towards the street barricades. But I managed to swerve back the car on the road and told my uncle I was so sleepy. 

I will like to stress here how dangerous to keep on driving when you are sleepy. In just a split second, anything bad can happen. I used to have bad habit like napping while driving. It started when I have to commute from Damai to Cyberjaya.

We were lucky that day nothing happened. If not, as my sister said, four families will be mourning or maybe we survived but who knows the extent of the injuries. I shuddered to think about that. I am thinking maybe our days are not numbered yet. They said the moment you were born, it is already determine how long you going to live but my prayer is, if I am to leave this world, let it be in the normal way as a Muslim. Not in accident or murdered or bruised whatsoever. Let me gone in one piece as a Muslim.

After this incident, I won't repeat it anymore. Today, we will be heading to KL/Selangor back. If I am sleepy, either I will sleep or break my fast. For the past 3 years, I do not fast whenever I travel due to sleepiness.

Wish us a safe and enjoyable trip.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy Iftar

It is heavenly iftar at hometown. Actually the portion is not that big but since many people in the house, everyone bought their own food at bazaar Ramadhan. We went to Bazzar Ramadhan Kedai Buloh which my uncle prefer over another one in Taman Permint Jaya.

Sorry for posting but just to share with you our sumptuos iftar. Of course the presentation is simple as the food is more important.

Fish Curry, I think it is Siakap
"Otak Lembu"
Dont know what is this, lidah lembu
Our side dishes for iftar
Bubur Lambuk Tanjung Vista

Bubur Lambuk YT Midtown
Sata, one of Terengganu's delicacies
Murtabak - always favorite during fasting month
Nekbat - Terengganu delicacies. Sweetened cake in syrup
Beef tripe
Sotong (Squid)
Hot dog is Princess's choice
Another one of Terengganu kuih : Pulut Lepa
"Sere" - I also don't know how to spell. It is like a seaweed eaten with sambal ikan and sweet and hot sauce
I did it - Puding Buih
Other dessert bought at bazaar ramadhan : Puteri mandi, Lok Lik, Mok Kambu and ba'it.
 Yeah, my Princess and me. Quite sometime we do not take photo like this.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Alone In The Middle of Night

Again, I woke up in the middle of night for no reason. I fell asleep early last night, around 11 pm. Now I am wide awake but I have to drive home to my sweet KT tomorrow morning. I do not want to get sleepy as I am making my journey home. Luckily  I have my uncles on this trip. We can take turn driving.

Should I fast or not? I do not have the strength like before. Last time, I can pull 8 hours driving nonstop without eating. Driving alone. Nowadays, I have to munch something, else I would be sleepy.

And I remembered jeruk mempelam that my colleague gave me. I left it on my table. Can I stop by to take it? I will try but it will be scary to go there alone. Nay, wait till Monday.

Ah...the smell of keropok leko. I am re-boiling it. I prefer to eat like that rather than frying it. 

I prefer it this way, either boil or steam it.
Wish me for a safe journey. Mom, I am coming home.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Birthday My Darling Mr V

Silently I wished him happy birthday. And he cannot spare time to have his birthday dinner with me. He is already booked. I am so sad but I am always the outsider in his life.

He told we could always have our dinner the other time but didn't he know that having dinner together on his birthday is wonderful. It is so priceless. It is like being part of his life, as someone who is important to be with him at every step in his life.

Uwaa....It made me wishing I have Usher as my boyfriend instead. Hish...still mooning over Usher..LOL.

Anyway, happy birthday darling. I love you. Enjoy and appreciate my love while you still have it.

And here are the songs that I like to hear as I am thinking of you.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Great Things Happening On My Birthday

Just come back from my uncle's house. I am on mc today but still have to go buy phone for my father. On the way, I saw baby clothing on sale. Bought something for Uwais, my cousin's first new-born. So, I dropped by at my uncle's house and unexpected, Uwais is there. So, without buying any food, I had my iftar there. Every time, I had iftar at people's place, my stomach is full.

Jang, father's new phone. Recharging it now.

Have I told you that I received good news last Friday? Ah...I forgot about it. Apparently they do listen to the feedback they received from 45 breakout sessions. And the best thing they decided it on 15th July. Yes guys and gals. On my birthday, another great birthday present. 

Tiada angin, suddenly in the newsletter from partner, he announced there will be new remuneration in July 13 payroll. Isn't it wonderful? There, the broadband subsidy and parking for professional staff. And not to mention casual Friday plus flexi hours. Made me love my job more, muah, muah! My company is quite behind in term of dental benefits but in 2014, dental and optical benefits will be given. Do not know the amount yet but I hope as per charges as medical benefit. Unlimited.

Hahaha, I am asking too much, right. Anyway, I am happy to go back to my hometown this Friday. Oh yeah, before I forget, I have to get my car hire purchase agreement. I need to submit for the interest subsidy from my company.I have been delaying, it is like 4 months loss already.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Morning

I woke up with pain at lower abdomen. So timely, I got call from my sister that the bus she took at Tol Gombak now. I promised her that I will pick up her this morning.

But as I get up, the pain persisted and each small move I made aggravated the pain. But I have to pick up them. So, I went and when I reached home, that’s it. I have to see doctor. Hope I can get the day rest.
When the morning traffic jam subsided over, I went there. I need lady doctor since it is the lower part. The problem when you hold the medical insurance card is the choice is limited though number of clinics are abundant. Try to go to non-panel, and you will find your claim is rejected. Even if you are not comfortable with that doctor but since the clinic is on panel list, you must visit them or get your claim rejected. Once Saturday, I went to clinic coz of stomachache and diarrhea. I paid first but my claim was not entertained on the ground non-panel doctor.

Once, I visited one of the insurance panel clinic but was told I have to pay first even though I flashed the insurance card. I was told they accept for one company only. No choice, I pay first and claimed. Then the staff in charge (my company) told me the clinic was not panel for our company eventhough it was panel for the insurance. Hah? I was surprised. But the insurance company is our panel insurance.

So, cut the story short (after took you all for a long ride), I made it to clinic. The doctor is my senior. Scan my stomach (this one also not paid by medical…aiyyo, what do they pay ah). Nothing is wrong but maybe due to the period flow. I did not get mc and ended up in office, feeling misery. Of course I am smiling coz I am 

Iftar at Alam Impian

It is fasting month and when I have opportunity, I will move from house to house for iftar during off days. Last evening, it is my youngest brother's home. Ah, it is embarrassing to confess here, I was the one who invited me to his house. I called and reminded him that he has not invited us to break fast at his place yet. He told me he is busy and always go outstation but I am welcomed to come. Just tell him the time. Seize the right opportunity, I booked on Sunday. PG is having iftar with her auntie and family, my sister went back home and I had my iftar at both of my uncle's place already.

My nieces had their own plan, so I cancelled plan to make cake as there will be only 3 of us. I took out two frozen dishes and grilled fish to bring over to his place. When I reached there, there are his wife’s sister and nieces too. So, it is merrier. I should have made dessert. Oh well, my sister in law has baked pudding roti already and it is delicious.

The best thing is I did not go back empty handed because they packed me dishes and rice too...For now, they are resting in my fridge. Maybe tomorrow or later, I will have them for iftar.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ramadhan the 11th

Yeay! I am done with the 3rd workshop for both papers. It was such a relief because we have our assignment due during this class and as usual, quiz. The individual assignments for both courses were submitted on time. Of course, in order to do that. I have to skip first half of the classes. I ended up blank for 3rd quiz for AFAR class. But for audit, a little bit better because unlike AFAR class, I spent 2 weeks to research and find the materials for assignment. And last week, I started to write and edit the assignment. In the morning, I need to tidy up a little bit for the footnotes and references.

Actually AFAR is much easier coz no research needed to be done, only must know the subject matter. It was only statement of cash flow and financial position which I am sure not only chartered accountants can do it in flash, other accountants also can do it. But I chose to do it in the morning. And as some of you guessed it right, I did not get it balanced by noon. Same as for my indirect cash flow but since I know the right balanced figure, I just slot it the balancing figure for both. I have to go to the workshop already.

So, now, we have about 3 weeks before our 4th workshop. We have to submit our group assignment and do presentation. I am cool about the presentation.....if only we are well-prepared with our assignment. Hahaha! Then, rest for another 3 or 4 weeks before the D-day. 

Since the workshop is over and no more cramped weekend schedule (for a short while), I visited my uncle's place in AU3 after the class ended. I had my iftar there. It has been some times since I tasted my auntie's cooking. Bestnya. I used to stay there, my apartment was on 12th floor and my auntie was on 6th floor. Anytime boleh singgah. Driving from Brickfields to AU3 brought back memories. I was young then. People say still in my "hey day". Feel a little bit sad though when it reminded me of bad things. But if it didn't turn out that way, I won't be what I am today, right.

By 9 pm, I made my way home. My nieces stay there but I told myself no. Nowadays, I will feel drowsy if driving after 10 pm. But as I was paid for drink at Giant Setiawangsa, I got call from her. So, we went for supper at Delicious, Duo Residence, Jalan Tun Razak. Knowing nothing nothing about this plan, if not I will spare some space in my stomach. So, we shared spaghetti, cheesecake and coffee. 

We settled for Olio Spaghetti. Okay.

My creamy cheesecake. It is so rich that I wished I haven't had anything yet so I can enjoy this.

Mocha....well I am not really a coffee lover but I always love the artistic food presentation
For unwind after office hour or for nice western dinner, it is a nice place to go. You can enjoy the food as listening to the singer. She is good. Thanks to my niece who treat me for my belated birthday...hahaha. Farah said old person does not celebrate birthday anymore. Mmmmm, shall I present her with lamp shade on her birthday? I am thinking.

Ramadhan the 10th

This 10th Ramadhan, the partners invited all Muslim staff to break fast or iftar at Asmara Penchala. So, no workout today, instead we went for a walk at One Utama which is adjacent to our office building. See, that's the reason I love my workplace. Even the gym is here. Food? Not to mention, just follow your heart desire and see which type of food that whet your appetite for the day.

And you can feel the spirit of Ramadhan and Syawal in the shopping mall. 

LOL, I caught both of them in this photo. I don't care, I will publish their photo.

After walked around, it's time for us to leave for iftar at Asmara Penchala. Nice place, the food, okaylah. There were varieties but just okay, I mean the taste. If you like mutton, there is kambing golek. I am not into it but I love their nasi ayam. I do not to taste food. no photos either coz only two fo us from our department. feel kinda weird. Never mind, I will snap lots of photo during dinner time.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Candy Crush - You Really Crushed My Heart

By now, almost everyone with lappy,handphone or whatever the IT gadjet brings must know about this game.

I heard so many times about it. My sister is playing it. Yes, I can see her update on facebook. Besides, she would always put me on her list everytime she need to move to next level. Even on my facebook wall, there will be an invitation. Yes, it was a temptation but since I am busy with study and work, I have to ignore it.

Until on day, I cannot take it anymore. I succumbed to it. It was fun until I stucked on candy crush


Monday, July 15, 2013

Dinner With Mr V

What a great way to end my birthday. Yeay, Mr V made some time to have dinner with me. It is for my birthday celebration. I asked him whether he remember? He told he does coz he is getting reminder from me daily, even last week, before, during and after our date. And he was not even spared during the weekend.

But the surprised thing is when my ex boss sent birthday wish. Well, I guess she will remember it coz my birthday falls on the same day as his son.

Actually, I was a little bit sad coz I made lots of mistake at office works. Anyway, the moment I saw Mr V, I feel like the sun is shining so bright.

Wish for a more productive day tomorrow.

Another Step To A Blessed Year

Today is my birthday. I am happy to receive this. One of the nicest birthday gift I got. Thank you so much.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kek Kukus Pisang

Ramadhan ke 4. Kami berkumpul di rumah kakak aku untuk berbuka puasa. Aku offer bawakan kuih. Mesti banyak kuih tu..laukpun best. Ada ayam golek, ini yang tergolek ni. As my colleagues said, ini musim kek pisang or whatever ada rasa pisang, so aku bawakan kek kukus pisang dan juga kek Kukus Coffee Lapis Pisang. 


4 biji pisang - dilenyek
3 biji telur dipukul sehingga kembang (putih dan berbuih)
1/2 cawan gula
1/2 cawan butter
1/2 cawan sour cream
setitik esen pisang
1 cawan gandum (dalam 100 gm )
1/2 sudu teh baking powder
1/2 sudu teh soda bikarbonat


Butter dipukul dengan gula sehingga warnanya putih.

Masukkan telur tadi perlahan-lahan sambil dipukul.

Titikkan esen pisang.

Masukkan sour cream sambil adunan terus dipukul.

Masukkan gandum yang telah diayak dengan baking powder dan soda bikarbonat.

Kacau rata-rata dan masukkan ke dalam loyang.

Taburkan gula perang ke atas adunan.

Kukus selama 40 minit

Abaikan meja yang sentiasa bersepah.

Kek Kukus Coffee Lapis Pisang

Recently, it seems that I like pisang so much. I used to dislike it..I love the smell, the texture but after it disappeared into my stomach, it developed a gassy feelings inside. Made me hungry yet painful.

After I got pisang from kampung, and a lot for a single person, I started to make kek @ apam pisang. So, I keep trying to steam kek pisang.

This is the recipe, I will write in Malay. Easier for me...hahaha.

Lapisan ini tak really menjadi. Tak rata. I have to add additional tool in my kitchen, the magic spatula.

6 biji telur (besar)
1 cawan margerin (I used planta)
1 cawan gula
2 cawan gandum
1 sudu teh baking powder
1 sudu teh soda bikarbonat
5 biji pisang dihiris bulat-bulat. (I used pisang berangan)
1 cawan sour cream
2 packet Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee
Setitik esen pisang
2 sudu besar susu pekat


Pukul gula dengan margerin hingga kembang (putih)

Masukkan telur sebiji demi sebiji sambil dipukul.

Gandum diayak dengan baking powder dan soda bikarbonat.

Masukkan adunan gandum yang diayak kedalam adunan telur sambil terus dipukul.

Bila nampak adunan sebati, asingkan kepada dua bahagian.

Satu bahagian dicampur dengan Nescafe Ipoh White coffee dan susu pekat.

Satu bahagian lagi dicampurkan dengan sour cream dan esen pisang.

Loyang digris dengan margerin.

Masukkan adunan coffee dan kukus selama 10 - 15 minit.

Aturkan hirisan pisang dan masukkan adunan sour cream tadi.

Kukus selama 10-15 minit. Setelah itu, masukkan adunan coffee pula.

Buatlah berselang seli.

Lapisan akhir sekali dikukus lama sedikit dalam 20 minit.

Loyang saya kecil sangat, so dapat buat 3 lapisan sahaja. Ini yang frust ni. Tak cantik lak. First timer kan.

Anyway, try it, it is simple but nice. If too sweet, can reduce the sugar.

Beginilah rupanya setelah dipotong. Tak cantik, excuselah, first time mencuba. Hmm, apa kata adek aku tu?

Weekend full of food outing

Sudah kenyang makan nasi lemak, we moved to One utama. The original plan ws to go to gym, then watched movie (since I got two free movie tickets) and then shopping. I invited my niece Farah but she already had plan with my sister.

But we started late and the movie at 11.45 am, we wandered around first. Then, Wawan requested to have snack at Sushi Q. But I was surprised to know that Sushi Q is not same as Sushi King. All this while, I just passed the place without glancing at its offering. I like the food arrangement, the way they decorate the food, so beautiful and made it more appealing. But I was so full with nasi lemak. Just have a bite to taste and it is so yummy. Psst, during weekday, I went there to grab 2/3 pieces of Sushi.

No need for me to say anything, pictures say a thousand word. Then we rushed to watch movie, Whitehouse Down. No wonder it is number one, the movie is full of action and funny.

After movie, we pit-stopped at TGIF to enjoy its buffalo wings. Going out with Wawan, what do you expect. It must be food, food, food...but he used his own money. What to do. the auntie is poor.

Best Nasi Lemak in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Last weekend before puasa, I fetched my nephew, Wawan from my sister's place. Just wanted to have fun day with him and brought him to one of my favorite nasi lemak stall. Once, I did mention about this stall which was in the alley next to Standard Chartered building, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Then, for 4 months, the stall was no longer there. I have been wondering what happened to the stall owner? Is he sick or move elsewhere?

Last two weeks, I went to Hong Leong bank. It was early in the morning. After completed transaction, I thought of buying nasi lemak for my breakfast. The moment he opened the lid of his rendang, I can smell the familiar rendang. But the seller is not the same person. Anyway, I asked whether it is the same owner. Turmed out yes and the owner has taken up space in Restoran Putik Pauh. But they opened another stall beside Hong Leong Bank which was managed by his older brother.

The stall owner has shifted his business inside Restoran Putik Pauh. Oh yeah, he is in morning session.
So, Wawan and me had our breakfast at Putik Pauh. But I feel bad after making Wawan took rendang daging instead of gulai ayam. I just found out that Wawan not really fancy rendang. Luckily, he took another dish, sambal kerang and I also tookt extra dishes beside rendang, sambal sotong and paru goreng. So, we share it with our nasi lemak. Nasi lemak also cooked nicely, you can taste the coconut milk.

Variety of dishes to go with nasi lemak. But rendang is like their signature food. they also have pulut kuning, mee goreng and bihun goreng.

Oh yeah, my colleagues asked me to draw map. So easy, Putik Pauh is located along Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi. Its building next to Seven Eleven, I guess so.

As for the stall next to Hong Leong Bank, here is the simple map. After fasting month, let's have our nasi lemak there again.