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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Your Health Is Paramount.

Now it is even. Left, elbow pain. Right, wrist pain. Well, I think I sprained my wrist during morning drive to office. My phobia, I felt like my car sliding backward. My foot on the brake n my right hand gripped the steering so hard. Left arm is still on sick vacation, not supposed to move so freely. Then, I felt it. Well, as you are getting old, you will be prone to more accident.

So, everyone, please take care of your health.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tough times not ready to leave yet.

Getting old is one thing. But I dreaded the most is getting senile. Lately, I have been absent-minded. Yesterday, I am supposed to have confirmation review for my colleague together with my superior. I have booked the room. But as they said, to plan is one thing but unexpected things always lie in our path, right. If it is good thing, we would welcome it.

I woke up with good feeling...syyhh! I had a wonderful dream of meeting Usher. LOL. When I am about to rush for my work, I remember my boss said it is ok to come at 9. Then it happened. I could not locate my glasses. Searching hi n lo from my bedroom to kitchen. I know it is either on my dressing table or next to my lappy. Sometimes it can be in the bathroom or guestroom. But it is not there. I even checked the master bathroom even though I knew I did not use it last time. I only used the second bathroom. I am so frustrated. Either EL or what. I made up my mind. Definitely, I am going to work with or without glasses; I would drive slowly. I think I got one old glass in my car. And guess what. When I went inside the kitchen one more time, I saw my glasses lied nest to the stove. Oh man! I was late and the confirmation review was postponed. I feel sorry. I would try to make it next monday.

After that, the hectic search for one lost file continued. The day before, the staff told me she could not find it. After she went back in the afternoon, I also looked around. During the search, with this sheepish smile, she said could it be shredded by mistake? I almost got heart attack, about to jump already. But I knew she also must be worried, so I have to keep being composed. The whole department searched and we found it in the box next to her table. But the box belongs to other section. That girl simply chucked all her file plus the missing file inside the box. Am I glad it is settled.

But the day is not over yet. IT staff finally returned back my laptop which I sent for formatting that morning. Bad news after formatting is wifi is not working because of broken motherboard. Need to claim warranty. Fine, they asked me to use cable but it would be hassle. Oh this is for me to check office email during my leave. But here comes the worst news. When I am about to transfer my personal outlook file from my external hardisk to the laptop, the files were not there. I was dumbfounded....losing the work emails even though unintentionally felt as if i shredded them to pieces. I am gonna be screwed real hard.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nasi Dagang Cooked By Me

Setelah lama, I cooked Nasi Dagang and brought to office last Friday. Not too many people around, it made things a little bit easier coz less volume. I slept at nearly 3 am to cook the gravy @ Kuah Ikan tongkol. thought catch a little bit sleep but when I woke up, it was like 6.30 am. Should I or should not? At the end I managed to cook and brought to office. of course not as good as my sister. No acar coz I overslept.

My Twin : Black & White

Finally I own these dolls. It symbolizes me and Mr. Vivek. But Mr. Vivek is about to go away and being replaced by Usher. Oops. My friend said okaylah tu got a pair...hahaha.

My New Sofa

It is not really new. I think I got it around last school holidays. I only managed to post in another school holidays since I am lazy, sick and busy with Korean drama. By the way, did you watch Hotel King, Doctor Stranger, Triangle and Gapdong. Among these four, I really into Doctor Stranger and Gapdong. The story line is fascinating. Hotel King is saved by Lee Dong Wook coz I thinkit moves a little slow. Triangle is exciting and got handsome hero but somehow not that fascinating enough to catch my attention. Now I am behind 4 episodes. Sooner,I have to leave behind my craving for Korean Drama.

Anyway, I have moved this sofa to the corner but still have not make up my mind on the final arrangement. So, my house is still in a mess. LOL.

It was a long walk.

I came in late yesterday as I went to LHDN. The RM2 per day parking @ Dataran was almost full. So, it is quite a distance from the parking spot to the bus stand and another round to my building next to One World. Phew...longlai aja heading to my car after office.

From the bus stand, I felt like I could not make it. My laptop that I carried make it more heavier for me...I can feel my back is aching.

Thank God, I felt so relieved as I set my eyes on my car. Feel like jumping inside the car right away.

My office is way, way out there. After that building, another building but surprising I did not shed any kg for walking that far. I must be eating a lot.

Bad Accountant

I am so busy that I forgot about my plants. I am so busy that I am neglecting my house. I am so busy that I forgot about my personal things. 

And I always end up with overdue bills. So, I really have not stepped foot into Celebrity Fitness for my exercise since last year. I freeze my membership for 3 month and after that, I am busy and the pain came back. I just go to settle my bill.

Today, I want to clear my bill. I told the staff there I want to make payment from April till June. And the reason is also after 3 months, I could not claim from my company. that is the rule. But I was surprised when she told me they have debited my accounts for April and May as per my standing instruction. I thought they mentioned something like overdue. Why I did not realize this portion missing from my accounts? 

Anyway, it is a good thing they took out the money first. This month salary, I would be richer by that portion as I do not have to pay my card except for the current month. 

But still it made me bad accountant when it comes to manage my own fund. No wonder I always have deficit.

Good Kisser

As the person who really loves Usher...hahahah...I jumped with joy the moment they announced Josh Kauffman as the winner. Yes, he is on Usher's team. I am so proud with Usher for coaching him and helping him to win The Voice. And Usher's fans got bonus when Usher post his cooking egg in his boxer in instagram to celebrate his winning. Too bad I cannot find the video and I really do not feel like sharing with you. He's mine, he's mine....I bet Usher's girlfriend does not like my claim.

Anyway, have you seen Usher's new video, Good Kisser. Normally, I like to promote the video clips that I like or by my "husband" or "Sons that I would never have" on facebook. But this time, I feel so shy to put up the video. Instead, I just posted the audio of the song in my fb.

Man, I wonder how could you looked hot even though you are fully clothed and just sitting on the chair while crooning Good Kisser. This ahjumma is getting crazy.

Nice right. Below is his live performance during the Voice.

Either I am getting old or slowly I am being pulled towards becoming good Muslim(which I hope), I really feel so embarassed looking at those intimate acts or ladies/guys in sexy attire or showing vulgar moves. Anyway, Usher, you are really sexy and I am burning

My Two Cents.

It seems I have abandoned my blog for so long. I was not really in a tip top condition: sick, cold, back pain, left arm pain and stress coz of not enough time for exam preparation. Not to mention the knees pain which I get used too although they did bug me from time to time. Either I called in on MC or EL or came to work in poor health which slowed down my productivity. As a result, my works kept piling up and I have to steal my weekend to make up for it.

But tonight my mind is a little bit hyper active. Guess I feel relieved as I managed to clear some of the backlog. Still I am grateful to my colleagues and bosses who show me their support. I really feel sorry when my boss has to do my things. I hope I can improve my performance as that is the only way to pay them back.

Coz my brain is too active, I do not sleep a wink. Post after post I wrote in my FB. Coz my brain is active and I am in a relax mood, I tend to be a little bit mischievous. This is one of my long post tonight:

"Oh ya, my two cents on Teluk Intan's election. Since some ppl might be interested to read one of the macai PKR thought. Well, it was really a close call. Both parties should work hard to gain the confidence in future GE as the gap is too slim. But what is interesting here is this: when people stand on the same platform, they will vote for the person, no matter what is the background or race. As long as their platform wins. So, our leaders should never be worried about interracial relationship. The harmony will always be there. We, Malaysian would always come together despite our skin color etc. Anyway, we also can see when they felt betrayed, they also would vote for the opposite candidate to show their protest or senang cakap, untuk mengajar. Some of them would say Teluk Intan people has made a wise decision. So, are they saying the rest who support Dyana is moron? I think in politic, there is no right or wrong. It would only become wrong when you cast your vote based on your emotion. Some people would be sensitive because of Dyana's stand on hudud but the funny thing is they do not say anything when their own party keep denying hudud is good for Malaysia. During the campaign, something funny happened. Those people who are strongly against street demonstration have become hooligan themselves by attacking other party's office just because of the 'forbidden word'. Come onlah, in certain place, neighbor get into fight n uttered foul language. are you saying now that the neighbor who get cursed can take law into their own hand? Anyway, the election is over. I hope Datuk Mah would work hard for the constituent and also your ministry. And I really hope for next GE, DAP still field Dyana as candidate for Teluk Intan as her votes is impressive. I believe we need people like her who dares to voice what's good to the people and nation."

Anyway, I really want to see us come together as one Malaysian. Together we help Malaysia to be one of the progressive nation.