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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Balik Beraya di kampung

My Raya this year just a simple celebration. But the best thing, I managed to have a mini reunion with x schoolmates dulu. Still happening, macam dulu dulu. After several years out of touch with some of them, it really feels great to see them again.

Raya Feast - Nasi Minyak Trg and Laksa Trg Kuah Masak
Family photo - not in the picture Sham Salleh & wife, Sahimi & family

My mother can walk but not long distance. Here, she is at my uncle's holiday home. Our house right behind .
Uncle's first grandson and his first raya in Kuala Terengganu. Well, his first time balik Kuala Terengganu.
First Day raya at my eldest sister's house

2nd Day at her place too
my friends & me

The greatest news, my parents become great grandparents. He is my nephew's first born son
Nan Na and Abdullah Mifzal. I love this picture.
 And our raya celebration at our dept (back in OU)

I spot ____briefcase

Wawan and me spotted this bag abandoned or left unattended on the skybridge. The bag is still in good condition and we wondering who left it there. I am getting mischievous, so I told Wawan to hurry up to swipe access card to enter our building. Who knows, there might be bomb inside.

Wawan's Birthday

Birthday Boy
T shirt and short pants for his birthday

 This is our birthday song for him. And seriously, I have to take out my singing as it was out of tune and sound so bad. Ah! think I really sang to my heart content but the outcome.....sigh.

Pre birthday treat. I am bringing him for buffet lunch later on either at Shogun or any Hotel which can give me good bargain. Or maybe Seoul Garden as he desired.

I told hime Dave's Deli served really good food as I have been there with my colleagues to celebrate birthday one of them. But I am not paying or you can get your parents to treat you or pay yourself. At the end, he asked his mother to treat him. If not, the  uffet will be cancelled but he really enjoyed it especially mashed potato. I like it too. He is with Roast Chicken and I ordered beef pie.

And oxtail soup. The soup is okay.

Garden Progress

My colleagues did makeover for my old pot. Sure looks nice but I think I should keep it indoor. Thanks Hanz.

with flash on

Just bought this new bench. still have some new places for new pot. Contemplating should I bought a new one or just use any available pot? After exam, I will wash the pot. In the plastic container, I place chilly seeds. Will see whether the will grow or not. As you can see, I just got two new roses to replace the dead one. Lagi 2, still dying, so I am trying to resuscitate The middle and top, we can say gone. After exam, i will think what plant should I bought.

What can we expect with limited space but I did some rearrangement. And I also move the plant from another pot to different pot. As you can see, my plants lack of love coz the owner is not really in good health due to backpain. I am having phobia to bend down or forward as the disc might protest. I am on arcoxia and also muscle pill since yesterday. Yet, I can still experience it.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Throwback -#Malaysian Night1986#UNCC

Can you find me? 

We reached Charlotte end of summer 1986. As usual, we have group who tried hard to adhere to Muslim way by having usrah, attending Islamic activities. And also have group who considered time as moderate group. We are close with both, after all, maybe the clothing is different but they also did not like get wild there. When this bunch of sisters asking us to participate in Malaysian Night, we kind of put in a spot. At last, we decided to participate, well we can introduce part of Malaysian Culture and traditional dress. Unfortunately, the Minangkabau headdress tak menjadi.

Long Weekend With Wawan

My sister, younger brother and his wife are going to Mecca this year to perform Haj. They had kenduri kesyukuran yesterday but I chose not go back coz to get ready for exam. And clear a little bit of the mess. At least, my balcony is okay now.

Poor Wawan, initially my sister at Sg Buloh wanted to bring him home as his father is going to Mecca. But after discussion with his father, she left him at my home due to his trial exam not finished yet. I am happy though tired. Man...I am in mothering mode now. Anyway, I got reminder from him to study just now.

My sister sent Wawan to his tuition class and off to KT. I picked him up and we had lunch at Groupbase. Just got the salary, so generous. That night, I cooked crab. This is our favorite way to cook crab, we called gulai kunyit kuas (cocnut milk with a little bit of shallot, turmeric, galangal, lemongrass and dhania) I can sense Wawan's sheer happiness. Wawan and food, dipisah tiada. Wawan and study...hmmm. I got to think. 
That saturday,  I baked macaroni topped with potato and cheese. He was puzzled why am I so generous. Hahaha. An incentive for him to study but ended up he got scolded as he played with his handphone. I mean like checking message and surf internet. The fierce warden was back, that's what he said.
He was happy finally he can swim yesterday. I taught him how to breathe, float and move in the water. I am not a good swimmer either but can do simple breast stroke. So, today, we headed to pool to practise again.

Wawan is making progress in swimming, hopefully, he will make progress in study too. I am worried aboout his SPM but I cannot see the eagerness in his attitude towards study compared to eating or playing. Sometimes, I feel like crying, coz worrying about his future.

On the other hand, my balcony is getting neater. Going to continue the cleaning, the inside is still messy though.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dessert For Wawan

Everytime, I felt a little bit generous and bought kuih-muih for Wawan, my sister would call and tell me that she will pick up Wawan today as there was no tuition on that day. Of course, I would feel so sad when I ate that kuih.

So, today, I bought desserts from one of my favorite bakery at One Utama, Sun Moulin. I love this bakery coz they have these petit delicacies such as petit pizza, garlic bread and so on. They also have great egg tart too. I tell you, it is so delicious. As usual, sweet things are not the food to be consumed daily for me.

As I paid for strawberry tart and petit roll cake (forgot the name), I thought will Wawan able to taste this today. And luck is with him. I picked up him from tuition today and served him the dessert.

Online Shopping

By now, everyone must be aware of the advertisement by online shops or trading webs. I always saw it everytime I surf my facebook or watching Korean drama online. But I did not bother about it as I am quite skeptical because the photos will show it looks great but the actual physical turn out to be disappointment.

My reason? During my study in US, I was easily influenced by mailing advertisement or via television. But the goods seldom meet myexpectation. So, I told myself to stop going through catalogue unless the seller is known for his good reputation.

Quite a few months back, I had problem with my laptop. So, PG and me went to the shop where we bought my laptop. The guy who used to give us good discount was no longer working there. First reason, I want to buy a replacement battery for my laptop. Unfortunately, it is no more around as Toshiba has come up with new model. What do I expect when it is about 3 years old but i really hate it as I have to rely on cable which is hassle. Second reason is to ask them to reinstal Internet Explorer but it is find out there is virus somewhere which interfere with my IE. Thing to do is to reformat. Of coz, I have to transfer the file somewhere else. The fastest way is to buy external hardisk. After too much haggling, I did not find the price they offer is too appealing.

Upon reached home, I surfed Lazada. I wanted to see what they offer or whether they have the external hardisk that I wanted. Sure enough, there it is being offered at price cheaper by 20 or 30 ringgit. Shipping is FOC. For me, it is still something. At least, it can cover my lunch which could be fancy than usual. So, I bought. And I was  surprise coz it took less than a week, in fact less than 3 days. The disk is good, no problem. Even if it defect, I can either go for warranty or just return it. They even refund the return shipment fees.

So happy with it, I started buying on and off from Lazada and other online shops. Thetoday, I received wrong shipment. So, I wrote my complaint but the respond from seller is fast. Anyway, they pointed that I choose the wrong item which ended up with wrong product being delivered to me.

Fine, I am confused but still, I told them, your description is misleading. Let's say I choose the wrong item but if it show the description that unmatch with the item, I would notice immediately my mistake. So, I insisted to return back the goods but I dont know how. I feel so frustrated but if it is really negative outcome, I want to file complaint to

So, next time, if you get over-excited over cheap products, chek thoroughly the item selected even if they show the correct description as you might be blinded. Tak pasal pasal, you have to waste on shipping fees even though they refund the cost.

I don't want this. I only need sunvisor tissue holder, not cd holder. Now, people just use thumbdrive to store their favorite songs, right. Sob!Sob!sob

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ika's Birthday

She is getting bigger. Coincidentally, I was in Kuala Terengganu when she held her birthday party. This time, she told her sister she wanted a Frozen theme. Kids now are really getting frenzy over Frozen. Don't talk about Barbie, they are not interested for the moment. She wanted Frozen doll but her sister won't let her. Anyway, I am so lucky to be able to but Frozen Hoodie for her present. She is so happy about it.

checking whose behind is bigger

time for some game but seemed the birthday girl dominated. Maybe next time we ought to tell her to let guests win

goodies for the guests