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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kiriman From Terengganu

Yeah, dapat kiriman nasi lemak 5 bungkus. This is special as it was wrapped in banana leaf(my mother said if could not finish, can frozen it first), pulut lepa (this is pulut panggang version Terengganu where we had sambal ikan instead inside it), ketupat (another well known traditional food, well, I do not know which state it originates from but one of the must have on the table during Raya. Unfortunately, not really my favorite.), my famous mom's curry puff (I love you mum and of course my dear father too) and last, banana from the tree that my father planted.

So excited, right away I took the nasi lemak. But as soon as I unwrapped it, I can smell it was spoilt. Sob, sob, sob. What to do, it was prepared for breakfast. As they departed from Terengganu so late, the nasi lemak cannot tahan lagi. And the egg and cucumber expedite the stale process. Anyway, the thought that counts. Well, I am going back this Saturday, sure dapat makan sebelum puasa. Makan puas-puas.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dinner at Hokaiddo Ichiba

At first, when they mentioned we are going to have dinner at Hokaido, this restaurant next to Hotel Vistana crossed my mind. Also named Hokaido, the seafood that they served is delicious and fresh. Not only seafood, their pineapple chicken is superb. Unlike Hokaiddo Ichiban which served Japanese food, this restaurant served Chinese food. The only similarity, both of them served liqour, so no halal status but they rest assured other ingredients and the food preparation is halal. Only if they put wine inside, so you have to ask first before you order. Anyway if you are was-was, don't go.

So, here we are at Hokaiddo Ichiba, having great dinner and the manager is friendly. Oh yeah, since we complained about salty and over sweet dishes (two dishes), we got 2 scoop of icecream free.

After waiting, finally the tea arrived.
and my first order arrived, chuka lidako. I always love this dish.
followed by edarmame. PG likes this, me too. Actually PG yang introduce masa dia belanja aku  makan kat Sushi King dulu. Before tu, kalau makan di sana,ambil sushi aja. My colleagues yang cuba makan pun suka. Some of them said it tastes like kacang bulu.

Followed by kaki fry or oyster. Fresh..yummy.

This is for my vegetarian colleagues. Salad and egg. My friend said the egg cake resemble one traditional food. Yes, it is Sekaya but sekaya is sweeter and creamier coz it has coconut milk. And  if you add caramel to that cake, it will taste like Caramel Pudding, right.

Finally we finished everything. Actually there was another order for me, salmon skin but I am too tired as a result of overeating, so not in the mood to take photo. But the mood to eat still on. Oh yeah, I prefer salmon skin at Shogun than here. Over there, it is more crunchy and they cut it to smaller pieces compared to here. 

Anyway, eating out won't be complete without dessert, right. So we had ice cream, mostly took 2 scoops of ice cream. Well, black sesame and Hokaido Melon taste good amongst the flavor that I try.

Well, it was a successful dinner. Everyone was happy plus two free scoops of icecream compliments from the management. One thing not done is the conclusion of our department trip. Thank you to the beloved company for sponsoring this dinner. More budget next round, hopefully.....hahahaha.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Super excited. Dapat invitation from nuffnang to participate in u mobile campaign. It is video time. Semalam, dropped by at PG's house, force her to record my video with her phone which is super canggih than mine. Oh yeah, my camera's charger still MIA. And I also need a cameraman. Thank you PG for always supporting old auntie. She was super tension coz if she delay in giving those videos to me, she will be super-harrased by me.LOL. Wow, cannot believe PG will be petrified of gentle me??? And the excitement building up so much inside me that I did not eat cantonese mee that I tapau. It is resting inside my fridge at the moment, waiting to be heated up.

2nd thing to be excited is of course free dinner by our beloved department to celebrate one of our successful year end project and the place is at Hokkaido Resturant. Sorry ya PG, I will be eating Japanese cuisine without you. Do not worry, I will upload photos of foods. Sure, it will make your mouth watery..hahaha, can feel my saliva's about to drop. Yahoo, yummy, yummy.

By the way, this is one of my favorite karipap from Melaka's corner. The curry taste so savoury. Cost RM2 but check the size. At least twice the size of the one I bought at Little Craving (my favorite breakfast nook but cannotlah do it hari-hari. Nanti out of budget. Mesti you all kata bajet ciput betul mak cik ni. But no matter how hard I want to stimulate Malaysian's economy by keep on spending, I also have to pay attention to my savings for my old day too.

Check the filling, Tempting right?

My Soft Boiled Eggs.

Akhirnya, aku menggunakan bekas ini untuk membuat telur separuh masak. Kalau tak silap, setelah 4 bulan atau lama lagi, membeli bekas ini. Perasaan teruja memang membuak-buak menantikan hasilnya. 

Malangnya, hasilnya tidak seperti telur separuh masak. Gagal lagi walaupun menggunakan bekas tersebut. Apakah disebabkan aku terus membiarkan telur tersebut di dalam bekas tersebut walaupun air telah habis jatuh kepada bekas di bawah. Memang susah betul memasak telur separuh masak.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do we need reason to call?

My friend messaged me out of blue. I am touched she asking about my well-being. Anyway, what really caught my attention when she mentioned she does not call because there is nothing to be told?

In a friendship, people will call each other or drop a visit whenever they have time or an event or simply missing someone. When people are close, no need to worry about nothing to talk. Definitely, when you call your friends, so many things will crop out unless you do not have time to spare.

As for myself, if I miss my friends, I will just call to chat. Asking on their well-being. No point to wait until they are on their deathbed, then only you wants to pay a visit. It will be too late. All that you will experience there is pain seeing them lie lifeless. I do not mean that you can't visit when they are sick. In Islam also, you are encouraged to visit families and friends that are sick, so you can share the burden and cheer them up. At the same time, hopefully it will make you repentant on your actions and grateful to Allah for bestowing good health and life upon you. My view is why wait until it is too late to have a conversation with them. 

Or if I know they are in misery, I won't wait for them to call. I will call to say hi. To let them know they can reach me if they need someone to talk or listen to. At times, I won't probe unless they want to talk. Sometimes, I may give opinion. Sometimes, I just listen. They just need to pour out their worries. They are not asking for you to solve their problems.

So, call your friends anytime you miss them. You do not need any reason to call them. Heck, you are not dealing with Prime Minister. There is no protocol. And if you care for them, show it by action. They might be lonely but since you shut them off so many times whenever they call, they may shy away from you.

Friendship is like a tree. If you keep fertilizing them with love, concern, sharing, attention, it will grow to be a healthy tree that shades you from loneliness and showers you with priceless moments. But if you neglect them, one day you will find it perishes away.

Korean Fair At One Utama

Now, it is Korean Food Fair at Centre Court, One Utama. Korean food lovers and KPop fans who want to have first hand experience of their idols' favorite food are welcome here. After having sumptuous dinner at Absolute Thai, I stopped here. Whaddaya expect? I am one of the KPop lovers, started with Running Man stars and hardcore fan of CNBlue. Being cautious, I did ask them on the ingredients. With limited English, they assured me it is all vege and fish plus rice for Gimbab. Too bad,Tteokbokki (or ddeokbokki)  finished already. I bought one Gimbap and shared with PG to taste it.

Mr V came over yesterday but never thought of offering it to him. We did not talk much and he left early. Well, I did not even take a close look at his face. He must have guessed I am on sulky mood as his questions not answered full-heartedly. The cold war still on. PG just laughed, hearing this story.

Some photos of Korean Food fair. Not all staff there are Koreans. I wanted to ask which food is halal, so I went to the cashier. I asked the cashier whether she is local coz she is fair. Hahaha, turned out she is Malay. I was tricked. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I have been here so many times before but that was long, long time ago. Maybe 6 years ago. My previous head office was located there. Whenever I was there, what I like the most was to visit the clothes bazaar situated in the middle of KL Sentral. The price is affordable, latest trend and nice material. 

Around that time, there were not so many buildings yet. Many were still under construction then. Now, I am back in this place again. It has changed tremendously. Beautiful, tall designed structures and buildings occupy the space now, forming an impressive skyline. This is a far contrast to the old buildings situated in Brickfield which is opposite KL Sentral. It is a unique blending where the old and new architectures meet.

This is the second time I stepped here for MIA classes/workshops, at 13th floor of SSM building. Not only represents a fine state of art, the buildings here, I believe, are equipped with modern technology. Well, it definitely suits its status as the first MSC cybercenter status. There are sign anywhere so you won't get lost here  but somehow, I feel KL Sentral is becoming too crowded.
Try to find my way here. Nowadays, I have short memory. Trying to locate SSM building which I came previous week. Ended up going to building next to it. Friendly guard directed me to the right building.

This way is to the parking. But the usual phobia me, I won't go in if I thought the lane is too narrow. Luckily, they have open space. I do not mind to walk a little bit. After all, walking is good for your body health.

Yes! Finally, I am here.

Definitely at the right place now.

Waiting for other participants to arrive. Since it was first session, it started half an hour early for briefing on grading etc.

How nice is your handwriting?

Something funny and unexpected happened to me this morning. You would never ever guess it.

Yes, I am thankful my boss put another new client under my portfolio. Big or small client, it will add value to our portfolio, right.

With the new client, we need to do lots of documentation. If the staff is not around, I will have to do the documentation and complete the form.

There is one form that we need to submit to the authority but we need client's signature. After so many times the form bounced from my boss, finally it is perfectly filled-up. Now, it is ready to be delivered to our client.

Here comes the funny part, my boss wanted it to be rewritten because of my handwriting. Feel like rolling on the floor upon hearing it.

Oh well, in my previous workplace, PG won't allow me to assist her in writing the cheque anymore because of my boss’s surprised exclamation upon checking the cheque. Another manager here also said that it is hard to read my handwriting.

Back in school, during April Fool, the students mischievously switched our Mathematic homework with Bahasa Malaysia homework. The BM teacher told that she thought it is a rough book. After she saw my name, then only she realized it is Mathematic assignment.

I tried to improve but the best I can come out with is big, ugly but clear handwriting. Some said it is like doctor's handwriting, others said like American's. I don't know. That’s why I prefer to type (but using computer, not typewriter.)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Malam Nisfu Syaaban vs The Voice

Hooray, setelah banyak kali miss The Voice, in specific missing watching my boo, Usher. Aku dapat tengok  tonight. Berebut pula dengan malam Nisfu Syaabankan. Selesaikan yang itu dulu dan mengadap tvlah.Malam ni memang sibuk sangat, memasak, mengejar kelebihan malam ni dan mengadap tv. Selalunya, aku tidak ada di rumah on Sunday night. Maybe aku patut record sajakan, Bukan selalu dapat berjumpa malam ini. Sekali dalam setahun. The voice dapat aku tengok kemudian. Kat youtubepun dapat tengok juga. Okaylah Usher, I will watch the recorded show ajalah.

Daging Masak Kicap

Tadi ada kekecohan sedikit di dapur aku dek kuah kari tumpah dalam peti. Letih nak memunggah semua barang keluar dan mengelap kuah kari. Serius, sehingga kini, baru 70%.  Kena buka semua rak dan kotak simpan sayur, just in case meleleh. Air mata akupun meleleh sama,

Anyway, I sambung semula memasak. Kali ni, daging dan hati goreng kunyit serta masak kicap daging sudah siap. Sebenarnya, resepi asal masak kicap daging ini diperolehi dari member aku. Hari tu, beberapa tahun yang lepas, pergi ke rumah dia dan salah satu menu yang di hidangkan ialah masak kicap daging. Memang sedap,my friend ini memang pandai memasakpun. Alhamdulillah, dia rela berkongsi resepi tetapi, ini yang tak bestnya. Resepi ini telah hilang entah ke mana.

So, hari ni, daging masak kicap version aku. Walau tak sama, tetapi adalah rasa sikit-sikit. Hahaha.


1 kilo daging (dipotong dadu, besar-besar dalam 1 inci lebar)
1 cawan kicap masin
1 cawan kicap manis
2 sudu sos tomato
1/2 inci kayu manis
1 sudu ketumbar (dikisar halus)
1 sudu jintan manis (dikisar halus)
Garam secukup rasa
Bawang besar - 5 atau 6 biji dimayang bulat-bulat (mcm tebal onion ring)
minyak secukupnya.
Setangkai daun kari


Daging, kicap masin, kicap manis, sos tomato, kayu manis, ketumbar dan jintan manis direnehkan dalam periuk dengan 1 jug air.
Biarkan sehingga daging empuk.
Bila empuk, panaskan minyak.
Bila minyak pijar, masukkan daging dengan kuah kicap dan bawang yang dimayang. (dalam sesenduk demi sesenduk, dalam 4/5 ketul daging).
Bila bawang sudah agak layu dan kuah kicap membalut daging, angkat.
Ulang lagi dengan daging yang selebihnya.
Bila kesemua daging habis digoreng, masukkan baki kuah dan bawang.
Bila bawang sudah layu dan kuah nampak pekat, masukkan daun kari dan garam secukup rasa.
Tutup api dan masukkan kesemua daging.

Unfortunate Day

No, I have not done anything to my house, just move things around if they happened to be in my way. I spent time cooking for stock for the coming Ramadhan. A long way to go, maybe the dishes would be gone before Ramadhan. At least, the effort is there, right. Save time, food ready to be heated up by the time reach home for breaking fast. And utmost important, I save money. The price of food really, can touch the sky during Ramadhan. Is it because of supply and demand concept or people taking advantage of others?

Beef and Tripe Soup
Beef Curry
Black Pepper Beef Heart and Potato 
Beef Cooked In Soy Sauce - 50% done. Have to deep fry onion and  beef

I have to stop my cooking there. Because when I opened my fridge, the container filled with beef heart curry toppled, resulting in the gravy trickling down the fridge. Clumsy me. In the first place, I should never put the container on top of tempe. (uneven surface, aiyyo, should have known). But the fridge must be happy as it is long overdue for cleaning.

Now to finish it, I lost my car key. I mean misplaced it and still searching for it. 

Sudah berbuah.

Seronok bila nampak pokok cili padi yang ditanam mula berbunga dan pagi tadi, aku perasan sudah berbuah. Baru 2/3 pokok berbunga. Tak tinggi manapun tetapi sudah berbuah. Bangga menjadi petani.

Malam Nisfu Syaaban

Sempena menyambut malam Nisfu Syaaban, izinkan saya berkongsi sesuatu yang dipetik dari tazkirah

Malam Nisfu Sya'ban ialah malam 15 Sya'ban.

23 Jun 2013 hari Ahad ialah 14 Syaban dan apabila masuk waktu maghrib maka telah masuk malam 15 Sya'ban.

Kita dianjurkan agar banyak beribadah, berdoa, bertaubat dan memohon keampunan kepada Allah swt pada malam nisfu Sya'ban.
Wallahu 'alam. 

Saya hanya berkongsi ilmu ini, semoga kita semua mendapat manfaat. 

Jerebu, take care everyone.

Dari pagi sampai sekarang, macam tulah keadaannya. Kalau berkabus, okay gak. Sejuklah. Ini berjerubu dengan bau asap. Teringin nak makan nasi lemak kat TTDI tapi terpaksa cancelkan hajat tu. Nak pergi slimmingpun terpaksa dibatalkan sebab terasa sesak nafas. Tapi ini, kena keluar juga sebab tak boleh nak cancelkan appointment. Itupun sudah terlambat sebab misplaced car keys. Dekat 2 jam, aku mencarinya.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Breakie Hours

Break time. Mengantuknya. Sejuk lagilah buat mengantuknya. Tersepit, to read or nap?

By the way, my colleagues been talking about how bad is the haze. Yeah, even when I open the windows from my apartment, I can exhale the burning smell. So, take care, people. Put on mask whenever out of your house. But I can't put on anything on my nose, else I feel suffocated.

Have a good lunch.


Yeay. Wish today another good day to end the weekend. So ceria, baru sudah sahur. And I have a sound sleep. Even though I hit the pillow quite early (this must be due to full stomach, 2 pieces of pizza from PG amd a plate of my so-called version of nasi beriani), I did not even wake up until 5 am. Now, I totally rejuvenated.

Actually, I did receive 3 calls in between my sleep. One from my mother, my father and my niece. But the fact is right after the call, I bumped back into my sleep. So, enjoy our last working day before we hit the happening weekend.

Sigh...I am having class this Saturday, with a quiz waiting. My first auditing class. It is scary, this is the subject that really haunted me which made me think of withdrawing from my degree.

Ah, I miss this bed so much.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alih Perhatian Pada Talipon.

Kelmarin, my bos tanya why I tak respon pada sms dia. Alamak, terus aku check sms. Pagi semalam kan, aku lambat. Mencari kunci kereta satu hal. Dalam kesesakan trafik, aku hantar satu simple sms, "I will be late". Lepas tu terdengar bunyi message tapi aku dah sibuk maneuvering my car. Nak ciluk, nak memotong, tunjuk tangan sana-sini pada pemandu-pemandu yang menaikkan darah. Boleh tahankan mak cik vogue ni. Ganas jugalah atas jalanraya. Bila sampai ofis, terus menghadap kerja yang hendak dihantar. Itulah terlupa nak check sms. Aku terus minta maaf. I feel so bad tapi it is not my intention. Bukan nak ignore her sms tapi tak perasan. Masa muda dulu-dulu, sedang enak berasmaradana, talipon dalam genggaman. Peka no satu. Sekarang ni, talipon ke mana, tuan ke mana. Not only my bos, ramai yang komplen. Kena tukar this habit, mana tau ada important mesej atau call, takkan ralat. Masa arwah nenek meninggal, kelam kabut orang mencari aku yang sedang pergi rumah terbuka raya. Talipon pula tertinggal. Kan susah tu. So, sekarang ni, kena ubah sikit. Jangan tertumpu pada lappy saja, talipon terus dianaktirikan. I'm sorry.

EPF - Nomination of Individual As Nominees and Creation of i-accounts.

I am grateful that our HR  department arranging for EPF to come to our office for nomination of and also activate or create i-accounts. With i-accounts, we can access our EPF accounts online.

Do you know that you can nominate anyone to become your nominee? The advantage is it will help to expedite the withdrawal in the event if your death. Anyway, please take note that for Muslim, even though you have nominate anyone, EPF savings ultimately must be divided following Faraid. The nomination is only to reduce hassle to next-of-kin in withdrawing the deceased's EPF savings. As for other religions, if you nominate an individual as your nominees, he will become the actual rightful beneficiary of deceased's fund.

Therefore, please make nomination on your EPF savings if you have not done yet. For those who have not activate EPF i-account, please go to nearby EPF to get the initial password. 

By having access to i-accounts, members can do the followings:

  • Check current and previous EPF statements
  • Check withdrawal application status and history
  • Estimate the eligible amount for withdrawals, savings and investments
  • Update profile including correspondence address
  • Check i-Akaun activities log
  • Check current EPF transaction activities.
I simply cut and paste the benefits from website. Saja nak share with you all the advantages of i-accounts.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sleepless In Damai

Since last week, I have been deprived from sound sleep. Every now and then I would wake up in the middle of my sleep. Sometimes, I did not even sleep after wake up, just play with my lappy till it was dawn. By that time, it was too late to go back to bed. Quite a number of days, I think I changed to zombie at work. Coupled up with back pain which also another reason my sleep was interrupted. Anyway, I managed to get back good sleep today. Finally, I am back to normal person. It sure felt so great.

I am the type of person who cannot go to bed earlier than 12 am, unless I was totally beaten up. If not, I would end up wake up in the middle of night, maybe around 2 am, absorbing the silence of the night alone. When it is finally dawn, I would be drowsy but have to fight back the urge to sleep as I need to work.

Since my classes started last week, I try hard to get less sleeping hours as I need more time to study. To be frank, I am more a night person. And I really love to have a good afternoon nap which the opportunity only arises during weekend. If only I can secured night shift job, it would be fantastic.

Last Monday, since the back ached so much, I took half day leave. On my God, I was so sleepy due to sleepless night. On the way back from office to home, I think I dozed off quite a number of times. It happened very fast. One minute, the car right in front of you and next time I opened my eyes, the car was so far in front, leaving a wide empty space between our cars. A number of times and I prayed so hard that I did not run into another car or tree or divider whatsoever. Funny thing, even I took the wrong turn and ended up in Kepong.

Contrary to what we thought, we should never condition our body to less sleep and changed the schedule. Our body and mind need a good rest so that it can function properly. And never ever think that we can make up the loss of sleep by compensating it during our off-peak hours. I like to do that especially during exam time and also busy deadline. Please be generous to our body so we can be prepared for another successful day. 

Not only ensure have enough sleeping hours but if possible good sleeping place. Ah...I am so lazy that my room is so messy and I could not sleep on my own bed. I guess that is another reason I am not able to have a good sleep coz I am sleeping on thin mattress on the floor that it hurts my backbone. Further, there is no night lamp in the living room. I have to let the ceiling lights on as I do not like the darkness. But when it is too bright, it will be difficult for me to have a deep sleep.

I better do spring cleaning soon as I need proper place for my body to rest.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Blogging and Work

Last Friday, as I was typing my responses on queries addressed by my client, my staff asked me whether I am blogging. By now, almost everyone in the office knows my blog. One colleague even asked why I never mention her name or office story in my blog.

So, this staff told me she noted that there is one post by me in the morning. The answer is nope. To blog actually took your time. At time, I just post whatever I wrote without checking for spelling. But sometimes, I took pain in checking the grammar and spelling error. There was time when I did not follow the suggestion to rephrase my sentence. Reason is writing is like doing something creative. Sometimes, you have to break rules to make it more appealing but do not overdo it. Because at times, some English Language students might refer to your articles as additional learning materials. Anyway, spelling and grammar checking is only available for English post. 

As for Malay post, I just write. well, it is in my mother tongue. I am the expert here. But when I read back, there is spelling error or absurd language structure. Oh man, it is embarrassing. At times, I will go back and edit my spelling mistakes.

That last Friday, I woke up in the wee hour. And thought how much I hate him (again, never ending story) and worried about my coming class. I have not finished preparing for the class. Instead of preparing, I chose to blog. That's why she can see my new post. She just looked at it in a glance, so failed to see the posting time. She thought I just post it.

Anyway, sometimes, I did post during office hour. How do I do it? During lunch, it was the obvious answer. But at times, I did write lots of post and I scheduled it. Just pick up any time and it can be during office hour. Reason is to entice people so they will always come to check my blog for new update. 

In the post setting, there is one option for schedule. Just click that and you will see what I meant (If you are a blogger). Schedule it so you can have continuous posting at your blog. If it happen that you have lots of stories. Now, I am writing this post around 10 pm but I scheduled it to be published at 5 am, 17/6/2013.

Back to another question from my colleagues. Nope, so far, there is no office stories except for some tips based on my experience. Well, not to say that my office life is dull. It is because of privacy and confidentiality. Thus, if possible, I will try to avoid from bringing work issues into my blogging unless for good working tips but certainly not at the expense of breaching confidentiality which is very important in my line of work. 

Another thing, it is fun to tell funny stories about people but after countless of time, it is not funny anymore to the people involved. To tell the truth, we spend our waking hours more in the office as compared with family. I just want to have good times in the office, unlike the old time when I think I was a sore thumb in the office. If one of us is not happy which is caused by us, the environment tends to be awkward. Don't you think so?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Morning Chaos

So, I arrived at my class venue sharp at 9 am. Surprising, the doors  were locked and nobody there. I saw a piece of paper on the glass door. As I made my way to the locked office, I noticed three other people standing nearby, discussing something. Well, I recognized one familiar face from previous tax class. I approached them to find out what's happening. It seemed that they were at loss too.

Talking and condemning, well, it is normal, never want to take blame at ourselves; we decided to make a move. Going home. Frustrated and at same time, hoping the class was postponed coz I only managed to read one chapter. The rest four chapters are the unsung chapters. Anyway, we exchanged our phone number, just in case one of us heard anything.

As I was about to make my move, I received call from unknown number. Thank goodness, it was from MIA staff. Suddenly, I felt so bad being angry with them when it was my fault for not checking their letter in my study material folders. But I do not think I received any email on the venue. Well, the venue has changed from MIA resource centre to SSM building. Well, the place is better but daily; have to incur extra parking charge of RM4. Oops, being calculative again, well, that RM4 can cover my breakfast or simple lunch.

But I am very grateful to MIA staff although this mix-up made me late about 1 hour for the class. Anyway, it should anticipate some ignorant students like me would make our appearance in front of usual venue. So, at least they should put up notice mentioning change of venue. Anyway, all is well, thanks to staff's concern.

We have two facilitators, Prof. Ros from UiTM and another from, oh well, I just catch his name as Mr Ng. I miss his introduction because of the lateness. The class is lively especially with the facilitator’s antics. What I can say, even though I am not fully prepared for the class, I was not loss and awake due to these facilitators' years of teaching experience. Thank you and I am looking forward to the next workshop. By the way, group assignment is no joke man. Writing 20 pages of paper and 5 minutes presentation from each of us...well, I am scratching my head now.

Dan bermulalah kelas dewasa

Pagi ni bangun awal. Ist day at school/accounting class /workshop.
This week, we start with Advanced Financial Accounting class.
 Excited nak pergi ke kelas tapi scary coz I only finished 1 chapter. 
4 more chapters not read and not even do the class questions.
 We gonna have quiz which carry 10% of points. 
Hmmm, average is like total quiz point will be 20% of actual score of workshop and exam.
 It will help you to pass final result. If you score the quiz.
Now, sedang steam my frozen pau untuk bekal ke kelas.
The class is from 9 am to 6 pm. It is a long day and a little bit hard to find food there.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Here We Go Again

Finally, I managed to pick up my study materials from MIA office in Brickfield, KL. They have been calling me since last week. But I keep putting it off because I got things to do at office. Well, who doesn't have anything to do in the office? If you don't, then it is about time to do some checking...hahaha. I do not mean to scare you guys. What I meant is the deadlines. So, got to clear those things first, let the clients be happy.

Caught in the traffic jam to MIA made me cursing myself. Yes, I should opt for them to send by mail. If nobody at home to receive the deliveries, I can always ask them to deliver to my office, right. Further, they are not porn materials. Huh..It is nothing to be ashamed. I wish MIA is opened on Saturdays. But now, everyone wants Saturday off so we can have 2 days for our weekend.

Last time, I used to be embarrassed to let everybody knows I am taking class. My worries? What if I failed? Not even started class, I thought about failing already. My ego then must be so big and I might be a closed-minded person and a little bit extroverts. Maybe got negative thinking too. We should always thinking in a positive way and big picture. And so what if you fail? Keep on trying and do not ever think to survive by dreaming alone. Dreaming is not bad if you followed with vision and actions, right. So, I am opened now, talking about myself but I still cover up (my friends say trying so hard to look cool, pretending) whenever I am with strangers. I still feel uneasy if these strangers protruding about myself. Aiyyo....

Anyway, the workshop will kick off this Sunday. And with welcome quiz. Since it covers 5 chapters and an understanding of MFRS, I will be a dead meat. See, still negative. So, I got Friday and Saturday which already packed with activities. And what am I doing, blogging at this hour? I should have use these hours to study. LOL. Funny me. I got wake up around 2.30 am. Fell asleep early, around 10 pm last night. Definitely, I will wake up in the middle of the night. That's why I always avoid from retire before 12 am.

Anyway, good luck to myself and people all over the world who relentless pursuing their dreams. If we worked hard, we will harvest good fruits. Wow, I am so anxious to meet my facilitators and lecturers. How interesting they will turn around this workshop. Till then, have a good day.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sadness, Here It Comes

I feel so sad today. For no reason. Maybe because the coming visit from "my fren". Ladies will understand this.

Am I too slow? Am I too accommodating? Am I too nice? Am I too passive? All these keep playing at the back of my mind So many questions with no answers. I am the only one who can provide the answers and solution to my sorrow.

Is it because Monday Blues? Or change in traffic flow that cause the gloomy atmosphere? With end of school holidays, we have to welcome back the jam, the rude drivers, cut queue drivers (that was me..oh my, I have to do that. Desperate situation warrants desperate measurement, they said.), slow drivers, insensitive drivers, the list goes on and on. By the way,I wonder with the price of car going down, would it be more crowded on the road? Anyway, I hope with the lower price, family with small income can afford to buy car so it is easy for them to move around with their family. I feel sorry when they have to use bike to carry wife and kids on a bike. It is dangerous.

Ah..I am feeling better already. What's for dinner guys? Mine, have not decided yet. Just now, munched lettuce.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pau Goreng

 Tak habis-habis mencuba resepi pau tapi belum lagi mencapai hasil yang dikehendaki. PG memang beritahu, keras, keras. Memandangkan adik aku dan keluarga datang yang mana anak-anak mereka memang suka pau aku, aku buatkan juga. Lebih-lebih lagi kalau inti hot doh. Mereka memang cukup suka. Ini pau kukus.

 Aku cuba pula buat pau goreng tetapi belitan tak jadi. Tapi tak apalah, walaupun PG kata keras sikit, Wawan kata dah elok.

Hari ni, cuba lagi buat pau goreng. Kali ini, letak emplex disamping double action baking powder dan soda bicarbonate. Aku rasa not bad. memandangkan hendak cepat, tak sempat nak belit-belit. Tunggu mereka balik dan test.

My Weekend Project

Finally, aku berjaya alihkan pokok kari kepada permanent pasu. 

Dan inilah anak-anak pokok lada yang disemai. Aku telah alihkan ke dalam pasu-pasu sementara yang dibuat dari botol spritzer yang dipotong dua. Thanks PG kerana supply botol-botol ni. Nanti, boleh berikan pada yang berminat.

The rest, aku masukkan dalam pasu. Ni untuk rumah akulah.