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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Enjoy the break.

A peaceful weekend spent at home. Since I quit the part time job and finished my class, I really have a good time. There is no single regret except one, I should have studied hard for the exam. But what is done is done.

However, I could not carry on with my plan to clean the house due to my arm and backache. This morning, it was difficult to get up. The ringing phone sounded impatiently, waiting to be picked up. Times like this, I wish Mr V is around to help me but it is impossible. Oops, he should not be in the picture anymore. By right but we are in reconciliation period now where I have to tone down a little bit.

Anyway, I have a good meal. Thanks to lots of leftover gravy. So, I had nasi minyak for lunch and dinner.

Aah....another week of hard work is around the corner. Anyway, thanks to my colleagues who make it easier for me to go through the week.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sit Back And Relax

It is weekend. Yahoo but no spring cleaning today? Why? Coz it is not spring, we do not have that season here...hahaha. Lame joke is it? Anyway, I am suffering from muscle, joint pain whatsoever. My left hand is in pain, even to the point when I stretch out, it is pain. Even to carry a mug of water is painful. And the back is worst. Yesterday, I could only pray that I could make it from office to parking. When finally I reached my car, I almost cry because it was so painful to sit down. Every single point of my body is aching. Typing also is painful. What shall I do?

I am entitled to visit specialist doctor with a limit of RM1,500 but the stupid GP refused. After 3 or 4 weeks put the heat cream he gave to me, the pain is still there. Without referral from this GP, I have to pay myself for a visit to specialist. Stupid GPs, I mean not all but how I wish you will be suffering the same thing. After see them, I always thought, so being the panel with insurance company is important that cure your patient? Money is more important to you. If I know the reason for my aching, you will get it from me. I will lodge the complaint with the insurance company, saying that you are not competent enough. I lost my respect to you all. But as my colleagues said, just change the GP.

So, with the pain that I am suffering, I decide to continue watching Two Weeks only. It is a thriller, melodrama (I shed tears a lot as I did when I watch I Hear Your Voice) and romance. Hey, I am free now. I even keep the note on my watching progress. And I am expecting a drama soon from Yong Hwa, Min Hyuk and Seo Hyun in October. Of course, I must have notes to remember that latest episode that I watched.

See how organised myself when it came to amuse myself. I have to keep track of it. I am looking for a new variety show but I do not know which I should follow. Any suggestion from you guys? Come on, I need to break away from this pain.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Tough or easy? Only 4 questions but 3 hours provided were not adequate to answer the question thoroughly. The balance sheet was left imbalanced; do not have time to check as I need to pay attention to others too.

What sad is the first question is so easy as a piece of cake. However, something easy became difficult if not equipped with enough knowledge. I took leave to study but ended up doing nothing. Only serious study by working on last year exam paper this morning. So, the piece of cake was not easy to eat coz it ended up as crumbs on my plate.

I am too tired for tomorrow exam. My body is aching all over, need to rest. 

Again, enjoy my sons' performance. I really like these charming, sweet and talented guys. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Expensive but Embarrassing Lesson

Today, another expensive lesson but I guess it is not a secret to everyone except for a lazy bum like me. Ah...I do not know whether to blame it on internet whatsoever, but that is the case. I was really hooked up on internet, well everything is there. Talk about news, your favorite stars, your favorite drama and the list goes on. Totally absorbed into internet, I became too lazy to clean the house. Luckily, I still remember to wash my clothes and also cooking utensils plus plates whatever in the kitchen. Once a while, I will spray clorox to bathroom tiles and wipe it. And the toilet bowl. It is not sparkling clean but still clean. Hahaha

I was cut off from internet since Saturday. But still I did not turn on the television. I even subscribed to Astro but it is not fun anymore to watch television. And worse, with more free time since internet kaput, I still did not make any move to clear the house. Instead, I watched the Korean drama that I managed to download from internet while waiting for my sister to bring back the router from Kuala Terengganu.

This morning, my sister gave me the router. So excited but still fail to connect. So, I called Telekom. Then I got call from Telekom personnel, telling me he was on the way. 5 minutes more, he will arrive at my doorstep. Not enough time to clear the mess. Normally, he will check from outside. Since I answered the fixed line, there is no way to bluff I am outside, right. So, clear whatever I could.

Apparently, the modem still got warranty. So, he came to replace it. I should have called that Saturday. Their service is fast compared to their counterpart in Kuala Terengganu. 

Three things I learnt:

1- Make sure your house is sparkling clean all the time. You never know who will drop by your house. Just imagine if you fall sick or pass away, the guests surely will be appalled at your house condition. It is not a good impression, further it is a good feeling to live in a clean place. I know the feeling coz I lived in that environment once. Total embarrassing, I hope the Telekom personnel forget about this visit.

2- Always ask whether there is still warranty or remember the warranty period, it will reduce the hassle. I threw away the broken modem. Luckily, I got another spare that the Telekom personnel can bring back.

3- Do not be caught stupid. Apparently, the equipment that my sister brought back is router only. It needed to be connected to modem. If only I knew it, I won't be caught red-handed in a messy environment. embarrassing.

p/s: I will update more stories after my exam...Got so many stories but caught up in this Korean drama, I heard Your Voices. Have you watched it? It is worth your times. And I have a girly crush on Lee Jong Suk. Sigh!!!!