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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chill at Chili's.

Yesterday was my last workshop for this exam sitting. The presentation went well. They said it is a good presentation and we feel so great. Some groups got comments due to less discussion on pros and cons on certain issue. But it is not to say theirs are bad but our facilitators' expectation went a little higher.

I thought of going to Hilton KL Sentral coz I heard CNblue stay there. Who knows I might get a glimpse of them? But the excitement of ending workshop well made me forget about it. Anyway, they might have left earlier to get ready for their concert at 7.40 pm yesterday. 

And since I have already planned with my handsome nephews and lovely nieces to chill out at Chili's, I have to dash home. There, Wawan had a second round of birthday celebration.

They are lovely...canot believe they are grown up now

as usual, my birthday gift for wawan, self made video.

I have to go. My uncles at my sister's house now. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ika dance to Lady By CNBlue.

Well, my cutie dances to my request. Willingly. Whole-heartedly. No hesitation, in fact, she is enjoying every moment. Well, I did some editing so the video goes on and on until the song finished. Thank you my Princess Ika. When I am gone, watch this video and remember me with a smile. We always have fun together. I love you.

Hooray, Ika Likes My House

She said so. If not, why she mentioned in her own song. She just made up the song in few minutes. She is creative. She made her own Raya card to give to her grandparents, aunties and uncles and not forgetting the cousin. My sister could not understand why she refuse to buy. She said because it becomes more special doing it yourself. And she persuade me to buy her magic color to do her mission.

Enjoy the show. Forgive her for being gedik. She is only 9 years old...hahaha.

Ika singing her own song

She wrote the lyrics except for the last part, I heard the verse before and the song is famous too. About melody, I don't know. But she did it with Ain because this was part of the show that she performed in the pool for her friends who attended her birthday party. But I was not there, so not able to record her show. No sweat, she is willing to perform again. Maybe she becomes giler glamer already.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Plants Are Fine

Alhamdulillah, I made it safe and sound to Damai. After stored all frozen foods inside the fridge (Mom said I do not have to cook till Raya Haji with all those food supplies - supplied with parents' love from Terengganu), I rushed to balcony to check on the plants. In next post I will share with you the all by myself trip back to KL. Luckily darling Usher, the sons that I would never have CNBlue, Bruno Mars and energetic Big Bang keep me company. Meanwhile check out the plants.

Sorry for the bad quality photos. Is it me or the camera? Sigh!!!. Anyway, I am happy they are still alive. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

1st Day Raya Show

They are so cheeful and creative. Maybe being the youngest are their advantages. Especially Ika who has four grown up siblings. The age gap between Ika and her elder brother is about 13 years. So, she pick up a lots from them. And Ain also learn from her and the older cousins. Not to forget this auntie who likes to teach all those mengarut things...LOL.

Friday, August 9, 2013

First day of Eid Celebration

Hari Raya : two things synonym with it. Food, food, food and family & friends gathering. After prayers, the visits begin. Families and friends greet and seek forgiveness for any wrong doings they may have done. The young ones will show their respect to the elders by salam (hold and kiss the elder's hands).

Self made Kad Raya by Princess

P/S : I have been taking charcoal pills coz of upset stomach due to food varieties. This round, I learnt my lesson well, I avoided ice cubes from jumping into my glass. Two days in a row, I am suffering from this pain in the upper part of my stomach due to taking iced water.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Minal 'aaidin, wal faaizin

To all who have helped me create chapters in my life, Selamat Hari Raya. And I am sorry to all (Muslims and Non-Muslims) if in my excitement, I have done any wrongdoing towards you, unintended or intended. Let us forgive for a better future. And I hope in due time, not only you can forgive but can forget too.

Best Friend Forever, that's what they said. My wish too and may them grow up to be sensible and responsible adults

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pre Raya Preparation

So many things to do before Raya. For those who work or lives far from hometown, of course we have to plan for trip home. Unlike previous Raya trips, I took bus home as my sister and her family going back by driving my car.

My sister, her husband and her mother-in law plus my eldest sister plan to perform umrah during the last week of Ramadhan but it is difficult to know on the result of getting visa until last minute. According to plan, they will be back from Mecca one day before Raya. Thus, she sent back her car first as she planned to take flight straight home. But fate is they did not get the visa. You know how difficult to get public transport in last minute spur. 

I asked her and family to travel back with me but it will be on Tuesday. She declined as she wanted to go back earlier but as for me, I can't due to job schedule. And I am so lucky my boss has made prior arrangement with our clients to facilitate our Raya leave. A decision was made as it is easier to get public transport for single person like me and reduction in transport cost as it will only involve me. They were to take home my car.

On Saturday night, I delivered car to their home. They were rushing to perform Terawikh at nearby surau whilst me, rushing back home as lots to be done before heading home. The moment they left for surau, I could not start their car (They gave me their Viva for temporary use back and fro office). Me, ending up sitting in the car for 2 hours without air con (it seems battery conned) while waiting for them to come back from surau. What a hilarious situation, and I ended going to my home nearly around 1 a.m. I am taking Kelisa instead.

Since Insight boot is small, I have to take some of their luggage and also mine to bring back home via my brother's car. I plan to travel light, Sunday, off to Alam Impian and in the evening busy with other job. Sigh!!!. Monday became my hectic day. 

Rushing with verification of one client after another and I am thankful for my colleagues' understanding that help to ease the burden. Towards the end, I do not have enough time to check the amendment, they said it is okay for me to leave early to catch the bus. Still, have to rush to Ikea to buy meatball sauce as PG forget to buy it. Break my fast there and rushing home, waiting for cab confirmation. Last minute, PG's car broke down and she is not sure whether can send me to bus station. At 9 pm, no cab and I panicked. That's meant I have to take bus and KTM to Hentian Putra. And PG is my saviour when she called and says she was on her way. I am grateful. Thanks Allah S.W.T for making this happened.

I slept soundly on the bus. Pity the girl (she is so nice and friendly, a good conversation partner when I was wide awake) who must be suffering from my loud snores whenever I fell into deep sleep. Sorry can't be helped. At 5.30, we made it to great hometown of mine, Kuala Terengganu.

And now, on Raya eve, 5 families gathered at my father's home for break fast. This round, we just order the food. Bubur lambuk only prepared by my mother.

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf zahir batin.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Training Shoes ; Now I am ready for Celebrity Fitness

We can say it is my first training shoes. Actually, I do not know there are so many types of sport shoes. Well, we know that some sports require different type like with spike.

Nowadays, many different types and the price skyrocket so high. Or just me who does not notice?

After searching for over a month, looking for more conventional color (do you notice sport shoes are so fashionable in color: fluorescent and striking) and also cheap bargain, I got one. Well, I am now official member of celebrity fitness, so has to get one.
Does not matter that it is out of date or old stock whatsoever but I got it for RM99. Cool is it? And I am so lucky it still has my size. Normally bargain things do not have my size.
When I reduce lots of weight, then I can start shopping for sports attire...hahaha.

Bathing Time

My car must love me so much last Tuesday night. After letting dust accumulated inside my car (hahaha, I become lazy to go to car wash), finally I pulled over at gas station in Sri Damansara to wash in and out. I had this car washer at my apartment to wash my car but exterior only for 3 times a week. But some dirt was hard to remove due to long, long....long resting on my car. It has been absorbed into paint. 

But I am satisfied already with the work done as I know it is partly my fault too for being too lazy to visit any of the car wash. At least, the outside still sparkling despite some of stubbon black stain. However, the interior is lacking of affection.

That night, i decided to wash my car (both interior and exterior). One of the guy recommended me chemical wash ti remove the stubborn stain at RM30. As long as the chemical is not hazrdous to my car, it is okay.

However, some of the black stain still there. Apa lagi, I asked them to clear thoroughly as that what they promised. End up, they have to wax it. But my car must really enjoy the water being splashed on its body.

Oh! What's with the date? Just ignore because I have not reset the date yet. I found my camera usb at my parent's home last weekend. My sister's helper cleaned up my room and found it lying, God knows where. Yes, it was missing since early nov last year. Funny thing is I forgot how to reset date.


I got this just now after break fast (iftar).

So, in return I bought advance birthday gift for Farah Di.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Raindrops Falling On My Head

My mother is right about planting trees. She often say, " kalau dah menanam, mulalah susah nak tinggal rumah, pokok siapa nak siram." That's right, if we were to be away from home for sometimes, perhaps over two days, then who will water our plants?

And for someone who lives in a pigeon hole, who can help to water the plants in the balcony. I cannot pray for rain during festive seasons. If not, I will be the curse for this town.