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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Naughty Janet

My eldest brother's pet.
I am scared of cat but lately, I can hold it.
But not any cat, only the one that I love.
You know, as I was digging hole to plant tree,
Janet would reach for the hoe or
push the soil back into hole.
No reason to cover the hole
but she wanted to play along.

Dyson Fan

Marvellous. Finally, I got to own my dream fan.

On the flight to Kuching, I read the advertisement on 15% discount on Dyson's fan or vacuum for trading in old fan or vacuum. 

PG and I got excited. But when we checked the price, it caused the setback. So expensive.

But people with compulsive shopping habit (I think I got shopping habit disorder or whatever the syndrome) will always rationalize why they need to buy it. It became the must have item. Or I will die..hahaha.

I told myself that I must have this coz when again you are going to have the opportunity of buying this fantastic product at discount. Discount means lower price. Forget about the necessity. With latest design and the utmost important, no blade. So, it does not pose any danger of cutting your finger (especially if you have small kids which I do not have) and easy to clean, coz no blade.

Can you feel the cool air? Nice, isn't it? Well, if you like it, you have till today to buy it at discount price. The salesman told me even if the fan or vacuum is broken, they will accept it. Huh...I am going to keep old model or broken fan for trade in again.

Go Green

When I started gardening, it is for the sake of having cooking ingredients available all the time, without wasting money having to buy in bulk and at last, most of it rotten as I just need a small portion. Well, I do not have so many plants as my balcony is too small to accommodate all. Sigh....I really wish I stay in a terrace house but it is scary to stay in that kind of house alone. 

Anyway, from planting for necessity, I became addicted to flowers. I always thought it is a waste to plant flowers but when I set my eyes on roses at one of nursery in Damansara, my mind-set changed. As days go by, I become more and more engrossed in gardening. From curry plant, bay leave plant to flowers and now, I try to plant fruits. But some of the fruits must be planted on the ground, not in plant pot. So, I bought mango and pomelo trees to be planted at my parents’ house.

Pomelo Tree
Mango Tree
Fate had it that I have to dig plant the trees myself. It was my first time but I am damn proud of myself for doing it. Not forgetting of my back pain but I managed to overcome it. Insya Allah, in two years’ time, I can harvest the fruits.

Do you love m&m chocolates?

Of coz I love m&m chocolates.
Reminded me back when I was in college.
The chocolates helped me to be wide awake in class.
But I love the m&m toy more.
I got it during gift exchange. 

Lots of love and thanks to whoever give it.
I really, really like things like this.
I keep playing it. How I wish Mr V be thoughful like this.
Not just buy me gift as he desired.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

OTP - Yongseo Couple

Among the OTP (one true pairing) couple, I really adore this couple, Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun. The fans like to pair the couple who act together either in drama or variety show. Besides, they also like to pair the celebrities that they think suit each other well. Funny, sometimes they even like to pair man with man. Oops, people will think I am conservative but I believe Allah S.W.T create man for woman n vice versa.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this couple after watching We Got Married. At first, I am not interested to watch this show coz it is weird to put these celebrities together as man and wife whereas they are stranger. But I started to watch Leeteuk and Sora as husband and wife coz I run out of running man episodes on kshownow. I just simply picked any show at random and I am hooked on WGM. 

After it ended, I search for other WGM couple to watch. At first, I do not like Yong Hwa coz he defeated my hero Jong Kook's team. But the fact he was paired up with one of SNSD couple in WGM caught my interest. They were the youngest WGM couple at that time. Ah...their first meeting appealed to me me as it reminded me of high school days. It is so adorable when Yong Hwa played prank on Seo Hyun on their first day meeting. I never find it bore to watch their first episode again and again. And I become one of the ahjumma who ship this cute couple and wish it is so true. Because of this, I get to know CNBlue and love their music. I love SNSD too.
credit to mbc
 What is interesting is the fan base of all these OTP coupling......the fans must be rich to buy (sometimes expensive) presents for them. I like to visit the thread or web of fan kingdom. I become their silent reader, lurking here and there. At times, it amused me. And sometimes, unbelievable they will fight with other fan base. Anyway, I believe people should respect other's home, so if you are lurking in other fan's kingdom, please restraint yourself from irritating them. They just having fun of worshipping their couple; so no need to advise, badmouth or whatever in their kingdom, okay. They just having fun. Let it be.

By the way, enjoy the performance of my cute couple. I love them so much like son and daughter to me. And I love Yong Hwa more than I love my cool nephew Tg. Amir…hahaha just kidding. As I told PG so many times, if they end up getting married together, that will be one of the happiest moments in my life.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Passionate Love

How are your week? Mine? Monday began with depressed mood and tension mood. But this git nothing to do with me. It is because I am watching Passionate Love.

When the girl chose another guy to get married to instead of the guy she fell in love, I feel s much for this guy. Feel his sadness, made me feel wanted to kick the girl's a_ _.

Inside, I was like screaming "why you fool?" So, I went to bed with heavy feeling and woke up with a regret. Feel like banging my head on the wall.

Anyway, if you like heavy drama, watch it.

Drama Korea Passionate Love
photo : credit to

[Video] Added Korean drama ‘Passionate Love’ episode 2
photo : credit to

Sparkling Clean

Well, after being lazy for so long and also suffering from arm pain over two months, I started to clear things.

First thing was to wash tons of dirty clothing. I told my colleagues about it. He said, "If you can hold on for about 2 months plus without doing the laundry, you must have lots of clothes." Only then, it dawned on me that I am keeping so many stuffs in my pigeon hole. After washing, I have mountain of clean clothes to be ironed and folded. In addition to this, old laundry which is still remains sitting on the sofa inside the blue room.

I started ironing for 3 nights already. Still a long way to go. Then, have to put back all utensils, Tupperware/container, the stupid letters which needed to be sorted...thinking about it made me tired already. Not to mention my gardening stuff.

Today, I am also rushing but I was surprised to see my floor is sparkling clean. Not all but at least part of it. Thank you PG. Hihihi. Really appreciate it. Now I know who to call to clear dust and fallen hairs off the floor.

Can't wait for the whole house to look clean again. Then, I can hit cooking again.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Love For The Beads

Do not sweat if your dress is too plain. You can make it look glamorous by adding beads to it. Too lazy to go around looking for beads? Go to this blog, My Garage Beads for various types of beads at an affordable price. Or click the above page.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Buah Dabai (Black Olive)

While walking around Pasar Satok, I spotted these fruits, buah Dabai. They pronounced it as Dabik. Some called it black Olive. I did not buy it as the seller just soak the fruits. So it was not ready yet to be eaten.

When she saw me taking photos of buah dabai, sportingly the seller asked me to take photo of this. 

But I have the taste of it at Asian Cafe. To be honest, I don't like it. But when I think about it, it did taste like olive.  Anyway, olive is not one of my favorite, I ate it occasionally whenever it suits my mood. Sometimes, I will put aside the olives on the pizza.

Excitement and Disappointment

My first trip to Kuching. Of course, I was excited. We almost missed the flight because both of us overslept. But PG a little bit overconfident since I told her I won’t sleep that night. PG's friend gave a wakeup call but PG fell back to sleep. Around 5.15 am. PG woke up. Luckily she has already packed.

She called me at 5.20 am. When I heard the phone ringing, I thought it was a dream. Then I realised we are going to Kuching that morning. Unlike PG, I have not packed yet. In a hurry, I bathed and try to find my cloth to wear. Grabbed everything and shoved in the bag. PG was amazed that in my haste, I did not forget my skincare even though I did not pick up some of the essential and planned clothing.

We rushed to the airport in PG's car as she planned to leave her car there. It was about 20 minutes to 6 am. Our flight was at 7 am. That's meant another half an hour to airport in KLIA from our home in Damansara Damai. PG was really speeding. We were like flying and my thoughts, we should have taken my car but I do not trust to leave my car there. We reached there around 6.30 am and she dropped me at departure hall while she rushed to Block A parking.

We thought we are going to miss the flight but luck was with us. Yes, we are fated to travel to Kuching that day. As soon as I got our boarding pass, I called PG. Poor PG that practically has to run to departure hall but she was still smiling until we reached Kuching. Then, the ordeal came.

 Sunrise from the gate B8.

 My boarding pass. Yay. I thought we gonna miss our flight like PG missed her
flight to London. But fate was with us. Alhamdulillah.

 This flight is equipped with personal TV. We board the latest 737-800 to Kuching.
It is the inflight entertainment system. We use the remote. I am not sure about touch screen.
You can browse your own entertainment from the selection provided.
PG was trying to enjoy movie "The Expendable" but kept being interrupted
by someone. Who else? It was me. They also provide us with the headphone.

But the flight back disappointed us. After a great experience with ptv,
we are looking forward to select our own preferred show.
It was the old 737-400. What a setback.
The food, chicken briyani also is just so and so.
But ain't we glad for the delicious Kek Lapis as our dessert.

Gift Exchange Period

With the Christmas alongside the corner, we are having gift exhange. They put the condition at least it must be RM20 above. I whispered aloud my wish that is to have Ferrero Rocher. Well, it is the safest that someone can get it for me as I can be picky too for things. What if they give you something that you don't really need or want? Might as well, I ask for chocolate.

Well, it is not that I am celebrating Xmas, but just go along with my colleagues with the hope that it can bring us closer. And sure it is fun to unwrap the present. Don't we love watching those eager looks on people as they open their gift?

Someone told me in another department, the wishes can be more expensive, like a bottle of expensive perfume. As for me, the teddy bear that my colleague bought as a gift looks so inviting. I asked Mr V to buy one for me before but he declined, saying it is no good as you have allergy. Ah, so cheapskate. He just use that reason to avoid from buying me things. I hate you.

Piles of gift waiting to be given to its owner. We will open the gift during our last department dinner.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Long Overdue

Four years (maybe more than that) ago, I ordered this frame. By the way, those things; bells and fork and spoon were bought when I was a student in US. Now only I manage to hang after my brother help to fix nails in the wall. Thank you bro.

The faucet was leaking. I bought a new one this week. This time, I bought double spout kitchen faucet. At least, each can cater for different use. For over 6 months, I had to shut down the water outlet due to leakage. Well, there is another option to use sink in the wet area. So I could not bother much about it as I use it for washing hand only. When finally I have the replacement casing for water filter, I had to do something about it.

As for water filter, the dealer messaged me over a year that the replacement casing has arrived. At that time, it was foc. But I like to dilly-dally about things. When finally I went to pick up the casing, the dealer has relinquished the store to another dealer. Never mind that, but what matter most is I have to pay now for the replacement casing. Sigh!! Well, you have to pay price for your slow response. Anyway, thanks my youngest brother for helping me to fix it.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


For the past two weeks, I have been visiting nursery without avails. And after my visit, there would always be something that I took home with me. Most of the times, they are heavy. For someone who lives in a pigeonhole, I do not have trolley with me. It would be hard to put it away as I my house is lack of storage; my reasoning. So, I am grateful that my apartment management have come up with two trolleys at the lobby for us to borrow. The guard must be puzzled where I am gonna put all those pots considering the balcony is so small.