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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dessert For Wawan

Everytime, I felt a little bit generous and bought kuih-muih for Wawan, my sister would call and tell me that she will pick up Wawan today as there was no tuition on that day. Of course, I would feel so sad when I ate that kuih.

So, today, I bought desserts from one of my favorite bakery at One Utama, Sun Moulin. I love this bakery coz they have these petit delicacies such as petit pizza, garlic bread and so on. They also have great egg tart too. I tell you, it is so delicious. As usual, sweet things are not the food to be consumed daily for me.

As I paid for strawberry tart and petit roll cake (forgot the name), I thought will Wawan able to taste this today. And luck is with him. I picked up him from tuition today and served him the dessert.

Online Shopping

By now, everyone must be aware of the advertisement by online shops or trading webs. I always saw it everytime I surf my facebook or watching Korean drama online. But I did not bother about it as I am quite skeptical because the photos will show it looks great but the actual physical turn out to be disappointment.

My reason? During my study in US, I was easily influenced by mailing advertisement or via television. But the goods seldom meet myexpectation. So, I told myself to stop going through catalogue unless the seller is known for his good reputation.

Quite a few months back, I had problem with my laptop. So, PG and me went to the shop where we bought my laptop. The guy who used to give us good discount was no longer working there. First reason, I want to buy a replacement battery for my laptop. Unfortunately, it is no more around as Toshiba has come up with new model. What do I expect when it is about 3 years old but i really hate it as I have to rely on cable which is hassle. Second reason is to ask them to reinstal Internet Explorer but it is find out there is virus somewhere which interfere with my IE. Thing to do is to reformat. Of coz, I have to transfer the file somewhere else. The fastest way is to buy external hardisk. After too much haggling, I did not find the price they offer is too appealing.

Upon reached home, I surfed Lazada. I wanted to see what they offer or whether they have the external hardisk that I wanted. Sure enough, there it is being offered at price cheaper by 20 or 30 ringgit. Shipping is FOC. For me, it is still something. At least, it can cover my lunch which could be fancy than usual. So, I bought. And I was  surprise coz it took less than a week, in fact less than 3 days. The disk is good, no problem. Even if it defect, I can either go for warranty or just return it. They even refund the return shipment fees.

So happy with it, I started buying on and off from Lazada and other online shops. Thetoday, I received wrong shipment. So, I wrote my complaint but the respond from seller is fast. Anyway, they pointed that I choose the wrong item which ended up with wrong product being delivered to me.

Fine, I am confused but still, I told them, your description is misleading. Let's say I choose the wrong item but if it show the description that unmatch with the item, I would notice immediately my mistake. So, I insisted to return back the goods but I dont know how. I feel so frustrated but if it is really negative outcome, I want to file complaint to

So, next time, if you get over-excited over cheap products, chek thoroughly the item selected even if they show the correct description as you might be blinded. Tak pasal pasal, you have to waste on shipping fees even though they refund the cost.

I don't want this. I only need sunvisor tissue holder, not cd holder. Now, people just use thumbdrive to store their favorite songs, right. Sob!Sob!sob

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ika's Birthday

She is getting bigger. Coincidentally, I was in Kuala Terengganu when she held her birthday party. This time, she told her sister she wanted a Frozen theme. Kids now are really getting frenzy over Frozen. Don't talk about Barbie, they are not interested for the moment. She wanted Frozen doll but her sister won't let her. Anyway, I am so lucky to be able to but Frozen Hoodie for her present. She is so happy about it.

checking whose behind is bigger

time for some game but seemed the birthday girl dominated. Maybe next time we ought to tell her to let guests win

goodies for the guests

Missing Him and Find New Love

Since I decided to move from my relationship with Mr V, I felt like breaking apart. I kept it inside and thankfully, there are a lot of things to catch up at my workplace. So, I immersed myself in my work, stop thinking about him. I have to keep telling myself this is for a good reason, not because you hate him but it is for the best for both of us.

I did not confide into my friends as I learnt my lesson well. If they are free, then only they will come to you or if they need someone to talk too, then they will call you. Some of them do not even like to hear this sort of things. They said it is better to let you settle on your own. Once you are happy, they will come back to you.

Alhamdulillah, I have grown stronger. I do not need to share my pain with these friends anymore. My close friend told me that you only need Allah S.W.T to tell your sorrow. Accept it, Insya Allah the pain will recede and disappear from your life. To tell the truth, it was really a trying time for me. I feel so lonely but I have to keep smiling.

Once, I saw someone about his height with dark complexion. Suddenly, I smiled to myself. I feel softened inside and I remember him. True enough, if you love someone and never hate him, his presence will always linger around you no matter where he is or who he is with.

Anyway, the above photo shows my new love. While underwent the physio to cure my back pain, I neglected my plant. Some of them died and become the history as Mr V. I bought new flower plants to cheer me up.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mooning over Macaroon

I don't know whether I have sweet tooth but some times, I would be craving to sink my teeth into these delicious treats. 

Once, macaroon was the trend. Everybody is so in love with these. At that time, I just so and so coz it is so sweet. It is like meringue. Anyway, one day I tried macaroon at Lavender. Since that day, I become hooked on it but I disciplined myself. I will have it just like once in a blue moon.

Super delicious. I think this is the best place in town for you to have macaroon. But my colleague said it is not. Well, until I tried that one, macaroon at Lavender still superlicious.

If you asked me, I can finished 6 pieces at one go. They have several flavors.Can't decide which one but green tea and lemon flavor are not bad. And there is one with coffee taste but I forgot the name. So,if you happen to go to sLavender in OU (I dont know whether they have other outlet), just go in and try their macaroon. Oh, while we are on this subject there is another one that I love to buy. It is their tuna roll (golden roll), simply delicious. 

From Trg With Love

My sister went back to Trg over the weekend. She went to do groceries for raya. Weel, she is the cook and me? The lepak Queen. Normally I would holed up in my room surfing internet or sleeping.

Anyway, she brought me a little bit food from Trg. I already informed my mother not so much as in 5 days, I would be back in Trg for Raya holidays. Well, It is tiring when I thought of driving already.

By the way, among the food that she brought back, these two plus sata I really like. Sata is gone now, all in my stomach. I did not even snapped photo of it.

It is quite a while since I ate this. We called these fruits "buah setor". I dont know how they made it but it was served in these sweet, sour and spicy sauce mixed with grounded fish fillet. We called it rojak setor. I hope I get the name right. The taste is really to die for. I gobbled it and forgot about my upset stomach.

pack of bubur lambuk. This is different from bubur lambuk KL. We put lots of daun inside plus grounded fish fillet grounded with black pepper, "budu", coconut milk, grounded shallot, ginger and garlic.Super delicious. Some people will add squid, chicken but this is not traditional way. I finished one pack and maybe some more of those...I am so hungry as I have not taken any rice and keep visiting the toilet.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Puding Buih Version 2

Oops, accidentally I deleted my Puding Buih post. How to recover it? I wish there is a way. And I think I have deleted the photos. 

So, those who want puding buih, no sweat, can still check the other recipe. Lemme think what did I miss in my recipe. maybe I should write it again as I am in generous mood tonight. Even though I am still smarting from upset stomach....hari ni tak puasa sebab perut sakit dan memulas.

Ni resepinya

Kurang menarik sedikit sebab sibuk, takut agar-agar cepat keras.

Puding Buih


Setahil agar-agar - direndam  dalam 10 minit dan ditoskan) 
7 biji telur (jangan letak dalam peti ais, ketepikan 1 biji kuning telur utk kuah.)
2 sudu besar gula (boleh tambah semanis yang mahu tapi jangan terlalu manis sebab dimakan dengan kuah nanti)
Pewarna (optional. Kalau suka color macam pelangi, boleh gunakan pewarna)
esen vanilla utk mengurangkan hanyir telur

3 senduk besar susu cair 
3 sudu besar susu pekat
5 sudu besar tepung kastard (dibancuh dengan sedikit air)
2 senduk gula
1 biji telur kuning
1 tin fruit cocktails (boleh tambahkan buah dalam tin yang lain serta nata de coco)

optional - boleh tambahkan buah segar seperti pisang, honewdew

Cara-caranya :


  1. Didihkan air dan masukkan agar-agar. (Anggaran dapat 2 mangkuk sup agar-agar setelah direndam)
  2. (Cara menyukat air : Bagi setiap mangkuk agar-agar yang sudah direndam dan ditoskan, masukkan 1 1/2  mangkuk air).
  3. Masukkan gula. Kalau sudah masuk elok, kecilkan api dan biarkan atas dapur sehingga telur yang dipukul kembang.
  4. Telur dipukul sehingga putih dan kembang. Kalau tunggang mangkuk tu, telur tu tak jatuh, maknanya dah kembang.
  5. Masukkan esen vanilla.
  6. Kemudian, agar-agar yang dimasak tadi dituangkan ke dalam telur yang sudah kembang. Pastikan anda sentiasa memukul telur itu ketika agar-agar dituang.
  7. Teruskan memukul adunan sehingga suam. Masa ini penting untuk memastkan telur dan agar-agar tidak sebati bila keras nanti.
  8. Bahagikan kepada 3 bahagian. 2 bahagian diletakkan warna merah dan hijau.( boleh guna atau tambah pewarna lain)
  9. Masukkan ke dalam acuan berselang-seli.
  10. Masukkan ke dalam peti ais.
  11. Hidangkan bersama-sama kuah.


  1. Didihkan susu cair, susu manis dan gula bersama-sama air dalam periuk yang dimasak agar-agar tadi. Ini untuk membuatkan kuah itu lebih pekat.
  2. Bila mendidih, masukkan bancuhan tepung kastard.
  3. Kacau seketika dan tutup.
  4. Bila dah sejuk, masukkan fruit coctails. Seperti yang saya katakan, boleh masukkan buah-buahan dalam tin yang lain dan juga nata de coco.
  5. Kacau dan masukkan dalam peti ais.
  6. Paling best kalau diletakkan juga pisang yang dipotong bulat bulat
ini masa balik kampung dulu. kalau balik ja, mesti buat puding ini sbb ayah suka. Biasanyalah.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sinfully Delicious

The month before Ramadhan, I really have to stay to finalise the handover. Best thing is after 7 pm, Jusco will give discount on perishable items like durian, sushi, packed meal.

Ah, durian. I really love durian but we all could not enjoy so much after my father is diagnosed with diabetes. Then, reaching this age, my siblings start to cut down on sweet food, high cholestrol food as they said diabetes, hypertension and heart problem can be hereditary.

But my craving still going strong despite one time, doctor concluded from blood test that my sugar level is high.

But what I like to tell is how I can buy these supa-dupa delicious durian at 50% discount from Jusco. Marvelous. Last time, I have to part with RM50 for 1kg plus of durian Musang King. But here after 7 pm, I could get them for less and it is still good. If it is our luck; normally by 8.30 pm, all will be gone.

Mmmmm, maybe I should check this durian again tonight. I wish but I have to pick up my nephew at 7 pm. Nanti, menangis pula anak orang kelaparan tak berbuka puasa.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rejuvenating at Herbaline

It is my birthday month. I got offer from slimming center for free slimming treat and also Herbaline for facial at discount. The more you age, the bigger discount. I am gonna be 48, so Herbaline offered me at np less my age. That will be RM37 for doing facial at herbaline. Of coz I won't miss this opportunity.

The moment I set my eyes on the entrance, excitement rush through. It has been a while since I came here but the experience was worthwhile. I love their facial and shoulder massage. The pressure just nice.
 soaking and washing my feet before getting started.

beautiful scenery as washing your feet

with balinese concept, what can you expect, water element will be present.

This is the room. Individual room, so you have the privacy. For couple, they have couple room but the massage and facial will be done by female staff too. That's y for guy, they will accept massage and facial booking if it is booked together with their partner

It gives you the romantic feeling

It is become habit to check the interior of bathroom at place like this. How nice.

Last is the fish spa. It is optional with no extra charges. My sister always forbid me from taking this service in the era of HIV and hepatitis. But still, I like the ticklish feeling

Managed to catch this fish but of coz, I let it go.

Then, it was done. But I did another treatment to remove wart on my face. Introductory price is RM50 for 5 removal. So damn painful, I shed tears. Actually, it is for trial. So, if you want, you can opt for 1 treatment at RM280 to remove wart and seeds on your face. Then next visit, within 1 month, they will charge you RM48.

The herbaline center that I visited is located in Kuala Terengganu, facing the Ibai lagun and neighbouring Prinzpark Hotel and also Terengganu Equesterian Resort.