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Friday, November 29, 2013


The name spells it out. And the performance is guaranteed to make you restless and hot while glued to the performance. However, I love the melody and choreography.

This duo is famous for their song "Troublemaker" which was used to promote their debut album. This performance is the new song from their new album. What can I say, their performance is always hot, hot, hot. And Hyuna is always sexy on stage.

Unfinished Business

Started in the early hour......still lots to do.

This weekend I will be outstation. Still lots to be done including ironing and spring cleaning before finally, I settle down for my studies. Sigh...till now be prepared to meet the client.

Joyful day

Good morning.
I am sending you this beautiful photo of my yellow roses.
Can you feel its warmth?
Let's hope these flowers will bring joy to your day.
Bask in its love. Bask in the beautiful friendship.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wasabi Green Peas

While doing my shopping at Maxvalue last night, I saw this Wasabi green peas from Tong. This is something new to me. It might be long or new in the market but the bottom line is I have to try it. I might need to chew on it during office hour as it might be lonely in the office due to some staff would be on leave, training or at client's place. 

True enough, it was very quiet in the office. In the afternoon, office work has eased a little bit. Getting more boring. So I reached for this green packet which I took with me to the office.

Ah...It really spices up my dull office hour while sending this tingling sensation up my nostril. My eyes were wide awake. If you love eating wasabi with sushi and also green peas lovers, try this. Basically, I was shedding tears as I eating it. Care to try?

Hi again from my hanging garden.

My colleague told me to stop talking about garden. People get bored but this blog is also my diary. Lately my days are filled with gardening activities. So read and enjoy it. Anyway, I will take note of her comment. It will help me to make my blog more attractive. But gossips? Nay!!!!

This is the yellowish white rose that I bought last Tuesday. The second bud bloomed but the color is yellow. Whatever it is, still it cheer me up. When I visited the nursery, there many beautiful plants, some with flowers. It made me feel that I need to adopt all but space is the limit.

I got this yesterday. It is bamboo plant. Actually, they sell in many sizes, some of it readily decorated and tied together. The price is differ, from RM7 to RM50 or maybe higher? The bamboo is straight with leaves sprouting from its. There are the crooked one and tall. I like to groom from small and it is cheaper. This costs me only RM7 but not yet moved to its new home. Last night, it was raining. And I did some shopping yesterday. By the time I reached home, it was already 10.30 pm. They said the plant brings luck. Well, I like to play along with this story, but for Muslim, the luck is from Allah S.W.T. Our wealth and success can only be asked from Allah S.W.T.

Another addition to my lime. Key lime plant @ pokok limau nipis. Well, it will be some time before it produce fruits. But first, we need to move it into pot first before it die young like my first calamansi plant.

Flower pots that I bought. After back from shopping groceries and toiletries, just dumped everything at one side. Fatigue tookover. As I said, it was raining last night; quite heavy. So, just holed up in the living room.

Still at it. Mix the chilli seeds with a little bit salt. Put under the sun. Then plant it. I love going the hard way. Instead of buying ready seed or chilli plant at nursery, I grow it from the seed of chillies that I bought. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Getting Hooked At Nursery

I went home sharp on the dot today. I was in hurry as I was rushing to buy soil for my garden. I was running out of time, the nursery would be closed anytime. Just grab the soil and off you go, so there is still sunshine left for you to do some simple gardening. Well, it did not turn out that way. 

I told myself, no more plants. Guess what? I bought two more rose plants. This time the color is yellowish white and orange. It is blooming so bright. And I spot simple but elegant pots on sale. But they have only 5, well, just nice for my 5 rose plants. Since I will be moving the old plants to the new pots, more empty pots. 
The two rose plants
This one is supposedly orange.
But upon close up, it looked like it will turn to pink. Again? Grrrr, Supposed to be orange.
 Help, I need to stop buying plants. No more space.
Empty Pots= More Plants=Empty Pocket. 

The Latest Addition and The Replacement

Pokok Ciku. I bought on Monday. In two months, I can pluck the fruits from the tree. Dream on.

Pokok Limau Kasturi, the replacement. At last, I decided to dispose the old one as I don't think I have the patience to wait. It got my special attention.

Have you seen my pokok limau Mandarin. The fruits remain status quo. Do not get any bigger. The worker at the nursery advised me to water it a lot. the more water, the juicy it will become.

All pokok chili which I transplanted. Cili padi, Cili hijau and Cili merah. Will I get to see them grow chilies? 

The new landscape of my hanging garden.

My Greens and Flowers

Back Pain Revisit

After the therapy which took almost 3 hours, I went straight home. I was so hungry, further did not get to eat proper breakfast. I just grabbed a piece of keropok leko. This is a must item in my fridge.

Anyway, there was a funny story attached to it. As it is my norm to go straight to Bandar Utama where my office is located, I missed the turn to Desa Parkcity. By the time I realised, I could not turn back anymore (as they said, point of no return). This is where you have to throw away the money for the toll and fuel due to unnecessary journey. And off I went, forgot to make u-turn as I was thinking of delicious nasi lemak in TTDI.

I was late for my therapy but I had nasi lemak ready for my lunch. After the hearty nasi lemak, I took my phone. There was lunch invitation from PG but I have to decline as I was full. The, it is keropok leko for the rest of my weekend. My parents became worried when they heard of me eating keropok leko and I have money banked into my accounts. Thanks dearest mother and sister but I did not use for food. Guilty me.

Since I do not experience anymore pain to my elbow and backpain reduced, I started the handwash operation. 5 buckets of clothes. About two months clothing, my office wear. I handwashed my baju kurung and scarves plus you know what nowadays. Not forgetting my "hanging garden". Moved and rearranged the pots, transplanted plants into individual pot and carried two pails full of water and clothes to the balcony. Boy, now I suffer from back pain. feel tight knot at teh back and I could not bend down. So, no housechores. No ironing as planned.

The Treatment

Can you see the two discs like headphone or earphones? This is the shockwave machine. They used this for my knees. Heat radiated from it. They do not allow to use handphone during this treatment as they claimed it can interrupted the machine. I think it takes about thirty minutes for both. Normally, to kill the time, I just sleep. It works like heating pad but maybe the heat can penetrate deeper. Last time, in another hospital, they also use heat treatment but the machine is different. This one is like headphone placed at both side of your knees.

Second machine (In the photo, the machine is in front) is a combo machine made of ultrasound and infra machine. You can use either one or both for treatment. Ultrasound for my elbow and infra for my back. The ultrasound produces high-frequency sound waves which can treat deep tissue injuries by stimulating blood circulation and cell activity. It can help to reduce pain and muscle spasm, as well as speed up healing. While inter ferencing machine will deliver an electric current to the affected area via pads. The tingling sensation produced by the current can help relaxing your muscles. This machine reminds me of slimming machine at Glo and Glamor. They also put the pads at the points on your body. You can feel the sensation. Anyway, unlike slimming machine, inter ferencing machine won't help to burn your fat. My therapist said if that is the case, she will use it before go back and start losing weight. So sad. 

Normally, as I undergo inter ferencing treatment, she will apply cream to my elbow using ultrasound machine. We will chat but last Saturday, she forgot about ultrasound machine. So I ended up sleeping deeply while used the inter ferencing machine. I did not even realised when she increased the current. So, ultrasound machine was my last therapy after all exercises.

This is traction machine. The blue slimming belt will hold your waist while machine gently tug your muscle and rectify your prolapsed disc. They will weigh you first and the strength used will not go over 50% of your weight. Initial stage is not even 50%. Slowly, they increased it as it might discomfort or hurt you. The stool is for you to rest your feet as the machine pull you.

Then, back exercise, leg exercise and elbow exercise to make your muscle strong again.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Parkcity Medical Center at Desa Parkcity

I have been a regular at Parkcity Medical Center at Desa Parkcity since (lemme think)...I guess just before Raya Haji.) A nice hospital but you knowlah, private hospital must be with a whopping bill. The moment you stepped into its nice lobby, you can sense it. Man, I won't step here without insurance but I love it. I feel so damn rich. Lol. For the moment, I love this hospital. Not crowded yet. Since it is new with not too many patients yet, they offer free parking. And ample parking. This is a plus point for me as I really hate the hassle looking for parking. Another plus point is it is situated in Desa Parkcity, my favorite residential area. You my access via Bandar Manjalara or Desa Parkcity.
Receptionist Counter
Lounge Behind Receptionist Counter
View From Second Floor
First visit is to meet the orthopaedic surgeon on my left elbow pain. It was really painful that sometimes it felt like knife cuts. Sharp pain. So, as my physician going to write me a recommendation to insurance company on the need for x-ray and meeting specialist, might as well I add back and both knees to be examined too.

This is the clinic that I visit. Nice right but do not check the bill. Just enjoy the environment.

My knees are suffering from osteoarthritis for quite sometimes, long long time ago. About 20 years ago. Starting from injury, then they become that. Anyway, the x-ray and the first specialist visit cost me RM500 plus. Luckily, the insurance foot the bills. MRI scan, as I told before, cannot be done. Why? Read here.

So, I am to continue with visits to rehabilitative center for my physiotherapy every Saturday. First visit, they used two machine to treat my back, elbow and knees. The next visit, one more machine is added that is traction. This works like a tractor, pulling my back muscle/bone so the gap disc is corrected. The third visit, they introduced me to physical exercise and at same time, continue the machine treatment.

That is the entrance to Rehab Center.
Anyway, I plan to stop pysiotherapy soon. If I am in pain again, I would visit the doctor again. Anyway, after 3 visits to rehab center and two months of suffering, the doctor gave me a steroid jab at the joint (elbow). Wow, I tell you. After the shot, slowly the medication spread inside, you feel so much pain and numb. First day is killing me. Second day, still cannot do anything, suffering in silent. After third day only, I can see the world. My elbow is okay now but still try to avoid carry  heavy things while practising the exercise.

Putting aside pain, I feel so good everytime I visit the hospital. It is a new hospital and being operational for about one year plus. And I like my doctor. And he speaks Malay well. 

Playground and garden on the second floor. The clinic that I visit is located on this floor too.
Adjacent to playground is the pharmacy. Once, I forgot to collect my medication. The staff called me. So, I went to pick up the next day. It was Sunday, it was closed. I collected from ground floor instead.
Some floors still not open. No cafetaria yet but they do have Subway Outlet located on ground floor of parking building. Oh, there is florist too. Must be slow but if they preserve, it will be a good business then.

It is good the florist sell small pack of mee, nasi lemak and also sandwiches. And fruits too/ At least, can chase the hungry pang while waiting for proper meal.

Services available
  • Pre-employment & Executive Health Screening
  • Dedicated Specialist Outpatient Clinics :
    • Pediatric
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Breast Clinic
    • General medical & surgical clinic:
      - ENT, Eye, Orthopedic, Urology, Respiratory, Gastroenterology, General Surgery
    • Endocrinology & Diabetics Centre
  • Daycare Surgery and Endoscopic servicesInpatient services :
    • Medical servicesSurgical services
    • Obstetrics & Gynecology services
    • Pediatric services
    • Neonatal services
    • Critical care or intensive care services
  • 24-hour Emergency services
List of facilities available
  • State of the art Imaging & Diagnostic Centre
  • Specialist Outpatient Clinics with Courtyard
  • Rehabilitative Centre
  • 9 chairs Hemodialysis Centre
  • 1 Catheterization lab
  • 3 Endoscopic suites
  • 6 units Delivery Suites
  • 6 units Operating Theatres
  • 10 chairs Chemotherapy Unit
  • 15 bedded Critical Care Unit
  • 9 wards: VIP ward with roof top garden, single room suites and double bedded room
  • Lounge for doctors and staff and cafeteria with roof top garden
  • Handicapped-friendly restrooms
Nice restroom

Ika and Ain for sure will have fun day going up and down the escalators.

Anyway, all private hospitals are nice but the fees also are exorbitant. But someone told me if you are to undergo the operation, the facilities are much better at government hospitals. They have all the experts under one roof. However, you have to queue. That is the setback. But still, I love the luxury feels whenever I visit this hospital. Thanks to my employer.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Curb Phobia

This is kinda of old update. My friends also remarked about it. Why I am so lazy to update? Even though I am busy at work, seldom I have to stay back. Only two or three days a month, during payroll processing. Other than that, sharp on time or maybe half an hour after office hour.

I guess I became timid nowadays. Easily get phobia on everything. Looked at my car. I am so scared to get closed to the curb whenever I side-parked my car because I hit curb twice. So sad.

side parking, try to move isnide as much as I can. Then, I heard rattling sound. My front right side hit the curb. When I sent my car for service, they help to put it back. But it is not as before.

This is the bottom part. It seemed as if I have lesen kopi O.

This is on the left side, also kissed the curb,

this one, biker kissed it before he fell onto road

And this one? A crazy biker scratch it as he tried to "cilok" through the traffic
Yeah, the poor car got damaged here and there. If the owner was not the culprit, other driver or biker would kiss my car. So, I am still thinking should I sent it for body work or just let it be. Driving here, anything can happen to you. Last time, stupid biker try to sail through in between and hit my side mirror. I managed to turn and watch hopelessly as the mirror falling to the ground.

And I bought durian to cheer me up. Musang King and D14 or whatever. Conclusion I found D14 lagi sedap and at affordable price. Selalu macam tu tapi bila jumpa si musang, beli lagi. 

Taking care of my health

Crucial time in the office is almost over. A little bit relax. Then, I complaint to my colleague, I had this kind of sensation like fast heartbeat since last. The thing is it is not on my left or right chest, but it felt like it is in the middle. Is it due to cold weather now, it is raining and being in air-con car and office do not help. I feel like suffering from short breath too. Before I went back to Kuala Terengganu, I would wish my mother would be next to me, taking care of me. But having stayed with her for 3 years, I realised that I am supposed to take care of her, not the other way around. And since she also not well compounded with high blood pressure, she could do much when I was sick. All she would say was "go, visit the doctor." 

I am not the type who likes to see neither the doctor nor taking the medication. If I took my medication seriously, it is an indication I am really, really sick. It was serious. Don't you feel tired after visiting the doctor? It must be the germs left behind by those patients. I would try to avoid it unless I feel really sick and do not have the energy to work. I need mc; definitely I will have to see them. 

Another bad habit is I like to wait till I got 2/3 types of sickness such as back pain arm pain, diarrhoea all together. Feel like saving time coz you have to wait for your turn. Further, we can save for consultation fees. The point is the fee vs your health. Tsk tsk...I am so petty when it came to take care of my health.

Anyway, considering my physical which is so heavy, they all made a big fuss especially on my diet and urge me to see doctor. Further, they heard my confession on my high cholestrol of which I have stopped taking medication. 

It is so tough to watch my diet. I am one of those nasi lemak lovers (nasi lemak bungkus daun pisang, to be precise). I love to eat sweet things, eating keropok. What can I do? But I am so glad when one of them told me beras Basmati can be another alternative if I don't want to take beras merah to reduce the calories whatsoever. I am quite choosy over type of rice to be taken.

Sinfully delicious Nasi Beriani...I have not taken for a while. 

Anyway, tonight I have another round of nasi minyak with fish curry. Mmmm, yummy. I need this after having hard time washing my car tonight. Click here to read about it.Maybe tomorrow, I would start observing strict diet. And I better since I gain weight again.