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Monday, January 14, 2013

Mengisi cenderahati perkahwinan

Akhirnya kakak aku menghantar bemacam jenis gula untuk diisi dalam bekas doorgift. Sempat pula arahan diberikan untuk adek aku dan isterinya datang menolong sama. Alhamdulillah, selesai. Selepas ni, bolehlah aku mulakan projek karipap pula kan.....cadangnya untuk menambah kuih semasa kenduri nanti.

botol-botol yang diisi dengan gula. cara mengisi seperti cara pengeluaran kilang

dah selesai, sekarang nak menyusun dalam kotak untuk dihanta keluar
Lega dah selesai part ni tetapi ada lagi, riben pula nak diikat di botol. Yang tu, aku hand over pada dialah.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Have you ever seen someone standing in the middle of parking, looking forlorn and lost? Don't fret, that's me. Since working here, it has been one of my favorite poses to stand in the sea of cars, searching for my sweetheart. It would be much easier after 7 p.m to locate the car but has to be on guard then. Never know who might be hitting on you. Luckily my company also stationed the security guard there but so far I never use their services yet.

I am quite forgetful of lately, guess the old age is really catching up with me. And I have to agree with my mum, lack of reciting Al-Quran. She told me if we always recite Al-Quran, InsyaAllah, we won't be senile and looked so pitiful upon reaching old age. I am always pretend to be busy to disregard reciting Al-Quran like my parents, uncles and other Muslim do. 

Back to parking issue. For one month, the fatigue from walking a long way from office building to Dataran (which takes me about 15 to 20 minutes and would be longer should I stopped over/window shopping at those nice shops/boutiques/stores along the way..hehehe), the big Q on time taken to locate my parking spot, the fear of being apprehended by bad people, the excitement leaving office world behind, the relaxation watching all those nice displays etc., all built up inside me as I made my way. By the time I reached parking, those excitements would be swept away and replaced by spot-my-car puzzle. Yes fellas, the game has started now. Clocking the time now and see how long it takes to find your car....hahaha. Only the thought of Usher or CNBlue guys next to me help me to cheer up.

If I managed to park the car next to guard's tower, it would be a different story. I only have to remember which tower and just a few minutes to locate. 

One day, I nearly reached my office. Then, I remembered that I left my tag inside the car. Nowadays, some building requires you to tap your tag before can press your floor level. Fine, I can always call for someone or maybe get the guard to assist. But then, to move around in the building i.e. pantry or restrooms (these two are my fav relaxation spots during working hours), I need the card. Once I swiped but the door closed so fast. And funny thing the door won't open anymore because I have swiped in already. They have concept like in and out. Must be in pair action to get the tag working. I did not have phone and no other communication to call. I was like 5 minutes locked out outside the glass door that leading to my department room. 

Having experienced inconvenience things like that made me walked back to the parking and get my tag. Luckily, I was early that day. So, the car was parked quite close to the building and I can spot it right away. But it caused me half an hour late to the office. Nasib baik tak ada gaji potong due to lateness. My past company practised that, salary deduction for every minute late.

But yesterday was the worst so far. I played the spot my car game twice. I was late, the parking almost full and I just parked at the most closest spot to the building. Walking fast to the office. Real fast, can feel the body heat rising and sweat running from my forehead. When I reached office, I realised my phone was left on the passenger seat. So frustrated but not nice to go out again. The feelings kinda mixed; worry if petty thief broke my windscreen to get the cheap handphone and uncomfortable to go out for personal things etc.

So, decision was to wait for lunch break. Imagine this, me, under the scorching sun, walking from row to row and at times standing in the parking, thinking hard where is my car. Where the h... I parked my car? Finally I found it and glad nothing happened to my car. As I told mycolleague, the phone so cheap (but precious coz it is a present.) But the windscreen is so damn expensive and this year, I did not take up insurance to cover it due to my financial burden. They told me it would cost me around 5k plus to replace the broken windscreen. Tawakal aja without that insurance. It it ever happened, where the heck I 'm gonna find the money except to go to my parents. Alhamdulillah, nothing big happened.

But again in the evening, around 8 pm, I played the same game again, spotting my car. Sigh....gotta improve my memory. If inside parking, would be much easier coz normally, I would save the location inside my handphone. But since I am so stingy, I have to bear the inconvenience by parking outside. Oh yes, my colleagues tell me from time to time to get the securities escort me to the car but the thing is, I have to locate my car first before dragging them, right?