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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I am back from hibernation

Hi there. I have been away for too long. I really miss putting my thoughts here. So many headlines, be it financial, politics..oh well. We wait and see who is going to have the last laugh.

I do not follow news anymore. Some of the events made me sad, sick or whatsoever align with it. But news, somehow, they follow me. Because of facebook. People like to share their reading, thanks to it, I manage to keep up with world today, forcefully. And some of it is not a nice one. 1MDB, really got me gasping. Well, they detailed it out but still sound like fairy tales. Well, we leave it to AG and PAC to drill. Whatever, they should not be too ambitious with the investment especially the risky one. It is public fund, so do not take chance. It is nothing wrong for PM to diversify nation income by setting up investment firm. But when you start creating liability to cover the other, slowly and slowly, the hole is getting bigger. I know it as I am an avid debt maker. Oh, I really wish I win SSP to make it big.

Moving to another hot thing, GST. It is really troublesome and accounting wise, it is getting more complicated. I think more than FRS. Do you think it is fair? If government needs more fund, why reduce corporate tax? And they rebuffed claiming to pull more investor. Well, if the smarts talk, what the loser like me can say. Anyhow, the corporate has been given so much incentives already. The businessman always cry wolf about loses, loses, profit reduction especially the bank. They run away with so many charges, not to mention the interest. And I have to be frank, I am not affected with GST as the government has reduced the personal tax rate. And the richer will enjoy the most. Imagine 1% saving on RM250,000 income. But the poor will suffer because of price hike by petty traders or unregistered GST business. The government thought they can absorb by BR1M. How many times a year do you give? But overtime, people will swallow and forget about it. And kudos to those businesses who absorb GST as they can offset input against output  tax plus the savings from reduction of corporate tax.

And another shocking new is the arrest of our genius due to paedophilia case. I feel so sad thinking about him who has wasted his chance for a bright future, his parents and others. Why it happen to him? What bother him so much that he turn to this? This thing also made me thinking of deleting my nieces/nephews' photos from here. It is a scary world out there.

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