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Saturday, June 13, 2015

A chaotic week.

I went back to my hometown last weekend for a family matter. Family of my niece's boyfriend want to meet my sister for get to know session. That's it. The rest we left to jodoh. If it materialised, it would be great as the guy is nice and humble regardless of his background.

Coming back from Kuala Terengganu, there are so many things to do at the office. But something terrible happened. My father called and informed that there is an unauthorised withdrawal being made daily from 5th May to 25th May. I can only go back this weekend as I got class next weekend. To see the bank officer and pursue further with police. The week before, I received email from MIA about AFAR class starting this weekend but I do not pay much attention as I registered for auditing. Little did I know that the reason the email with regards to AFAR was sent to me because I wrongly ticked AFAR as my course for this round.. Now I am in trouble because the class tomorrow, already booked ticket and most important I have promised my father to resolve this. If not, I am afraid the cctv recording wont be there anymore.

With all the chaos, I ended up in the office wearing different pair of sandals. Both are black but different pattern. I only realised in the afternoon. Yesterday, with the headache, I showed up in the office with swollen face and puffy eyes. Feel totally beaten, that's why i choos to rest first and go back to my hometown tonight.

But all is not this week. Finally, Lazada called me to settle the problem I lodged at tribunal ou t of court. They agreed to accept the phone back and refund it. On top of that, they promised to give me voucher for tempered glass and cover case which I bought from Lelong. Well, since I returned that phone, why I should keep the tempered glass and cover case for that model. Yesterday, the staff came to pick up the item but I have not withdrawn the case until I got the refund.

But as online shopping addict, I bought steam mop on offer from Lazada at discounted price of RM77. And today, I received two more items baby johnson shampoo(it is cheap) and robotic vacuum. The first item, shampoo, upset me a little because the pump is spoilt. But there is other alternative to it.

But there is a pleasant surprise when I unwrapped robotic vacuum box. They upgraded it to higher model. The one I bought is RM999 but they sent a better model. It sure end up my week nicely.

Going to sungai buloh to see my grand nephew who can walk now.

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