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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Syhh...I become one of the grafitti writer

Some of you may have known that parking for my apartment is in another building. It is connected via skybridge at 11th and 6th floor. The bridge at 11th floor is longer but scary especially on a windy day. My creative mind will tell me that the wind will blow me off the bridge. At times, I can feel the floor of the bridge rock slowly beneath your feet. My phobia. If you happen to be there, you can see a fat lady hurriedly made her way to the other side. Of course, she will walk in the middle of the lane, would not go to the left or right. That's me.

Sometimes, I will challenge myself by standing near the railing looking at the scenery down there. There, another thought cross my mind that a pyscho is nearby, ready to push me off the bridge. Again. I will walk fast to the door, swipe my access card and quickly slip inside the building. Damn,I hate this phobia. I love stay in high building but I am phobia of the height. Once I am familiar, I will be okay.

When I could not conquer my height phobia, I will resort to use bridge at 6th floor. I feel safe and comfortable but I hate it because of the design. You have to go through the stair, up and down, up again and down again. Isn't it sound like Exid's song, Up and Down. Yes, the song is fun but taking stair is a Big No. Even though it is only two steps, it is an ordeal for someone who's having osteoarthritis and knee pain.

My parking is at 8th floor (4 floors from the entrance. To go to 11th floor, I have to take the elevator at the parking building up to 12th floor. As my apartment is built on the hilly slope, 12th floor of the building is same level as 11th floor of my apartment building. But both elevators in the parking broke down due to rain. More than two months. Today, cannot tahan anymore. So, I scribbled something on the notice posted by management on the elevator door. Hahaha, I am officially the grafitti writer now. I wish I can take picture but my camera is not working anymore. And my phone is the cikai one.

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